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Quotes by trishydoll

Crushes are called crushes because they will always crush you in the end.

The awkward moment when

Your crush signs your Year 6 shirt and at the end of it it says

Love from

Then his name.

You don’t have to follow me,

I’m not a twitter account.

You don’t have to like me,

I’m not a facebook status.

If you ever die in an elevator,

Be sure to press the   up button.

You’re so perfect

Barbie's Jealous

It starts from my toes

And I crinkle my nose

Wherever it goes

I always know

You make me smile

Please stay for a while now

Just take your time

Wherever you go

Don’t call me

Bitchy , slutty, fat, anorexic, ugly, dumb, nerdy.

Only soup cans need labels.

I have liked you for four years now.

Even when I had a boyfriend you were always on my mind.

Now we won’t see each other as much,

But I will never forget you.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.