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Quotes by tropeeano0x

she had blue skin,
and so did he
he kept it hid,
and so did she
they searched for blue
their whole life through,
then passed right by -
and never knew

- Shel Silverstein
"What's the best kind of love?"

-"The best kind of love is unexpected love. When you're best friends for a long time, and never talk about the relationship you share. Time goes on, and you're just there for each other unconditionally. But then one day, when you're brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee you find yourself wishing they were with you. And it dawns on you, you're in love."
Friend: snape, snape, severus snape
Friend: ron, ron, ron weasley!
Me: hermione 
Friend: harry potter, harry potter ugh! harry potter, harry potter yeah!
imagine if we had a life..
Friend: don't even joke like that..


  just when the  caterpillar thought it's life was over 

it became a  butterfly

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Hey, I hate to bother you but I think you should know you broke my heart..
Can I text you later, I'm making a sandwich .


Oh, NOW you learn how to make your own sandwiches .



n m f



Hey, how would you want a boy to ask you out?
I'd want him to come to my house and ask me in person..why?


Open your door .



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