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Quotes by truthnlies666

It's too much
I just can't.

i always dream about  you,

now the fact

I have you

Is just unreal...

///////// //////
Sleep is my drug
My bed is the dealer
My alarm clock is the police.

format by neversaynever16



I miss the old days...



&&she squeezes into her skinny jeans

Covers hersself in makeup

loses sleep thinking about what they could be

fails classes cause she's busy daydreaming about him

and deals with the heartache
that he knows all this
but doesn't even care.

I just met you
 And this is crazy

But here's my witty
So follow me maybe?


You know... You're kind of like bacon
Why? Cause we're both hot and we sizzle.

No. Cause you're truly a pig on the inside...
not my format.



you remember what we had I just want you to know that I never forgot 

it's just
not my format.
the fact I love you
And you still decided to hurt me

It's so hard
to fight with