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Quotes by tumblrwittyfacebook


 it seems to me that when I die these words
will be written on my stone




        you   are the    part of me I wish I
didn't need




 hey  could  you  guys  leave  a  comment  or  something  here  please?




  she is so afraid to be




  your love keeps me
 w   a   r   m




   7 billion people
  14 billion faces


      a  n   d       I       h  o   p  e      t  h   a  t         t  h  e  
   we  had  won't  turn  bitter


please stay
{ with me }


Be    more    concerned    with    your
character than with your reputation 

- j o h n   w o o d e n


 we are who we are for alot of
 and maybe we'll never know most of them

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