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Hey girlllll whatcha doin? Line from the Theme song of New Girl in case you didn't know(; ok so hi my name is Leah and I am addicted to swimming(: My bestfriends are my life like legit I love them and idk where I'd be without them.  I am pretty laid back but if you start dissing my OTP I will rub my cat's claws across your face. 
So this foxy box is all about my likes/interests! I'll just list as many as I can
Swimming, cats, taylor swift, one direction, nail polish (mainly lavender and baby pink), uggs, a&f, gilly hicks, hollister, Facebook, Forever 21, dEliA*s, cake, frozen yogurt, oreos, anything oreo-flavored?related, kiss 108/matty in the morning, turtles, penguins, hearts, hot chocolate, fuzzy slippers, my snuggie, the color pink, Pink (store), going to the mall, flip flops, flat irons, money, love??? I want a boyfriend someday, Temple Run, imagining having an iPhone, the beach, texting/using Kik (if you want it just ask), Kit Kats and The Legend of Korra



Quotes by turtleluv412

Me: Oh, sh*t my parents are home early. Quick, you have to hide before they see you
Me: *closes witty*

On October 3rd, everyone should wear a pink shirt/outifit. We'll make a big enough scene that the media will notice and interview people at their schools. When the reporter comes and asks for your opinion on this matter, you say
"On Wednesdays, we wear pink"

Taylor Swift saw a boy on the street yesterday
She waved to him
He didn't wave back
Guess who's writing another album


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Me in homeroom showing my friend Robbie a picture on my phone

Me: *turns head for a quick second*
Him: Hey, Leah, what's witty?
Me: That? Oh nothing...
Him: well it must be pretty important if you have in your history log a billion times
Him: *click* heh, you made some realy weird quo-
Me: askj,rhjsdfjasdfajSDFJ *flies across desk, karate chops air, spin-kick flips phone out of his hand, catches phone in midair*
West Virginia:
Me: that was a mistake


Don't get jealous when you see your Ex with someone else
Because we've been told to give our used toys to the
Roses are red. Pudding is brown. Skirts go up and pants go down. Body to body, skin to skin. When it's stiff, stick it in. It goes in dry and comes out wet. And the longer it's in, the stronger it gets. It comes out dripping and it starts to sag. It's not what you think; it's a Lipton tea bag.

To the 11 year-olds on Facebook with a relationship status as "it's complicated"
What did he do? Steal your animal crackers?

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Dear sweatpants and hoodies,
thank you for being there for me
Sexy and I know it,
Just too lazy to show it       
Today would've been my grandmother's 73rd birthday