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Hai I am Tayler Paige Mckale Schwamb. I am 13 years young. I love these two pics.Photobucket

  Hai I am 13 years young and i blow out the candles on august 28th, my passions are singing, sailing and tennis.
Heyyyyyyyy...Nothing to say. Life's good.?

Quotes by turtlettpaige

People always tell me I have changed

I've realized to let people notice,

They were too self centered to realize who I was the whole time 
Today I got drunk off of sailing
High off the thrill

R ealizing that they arent there
E motions brewing to the top
G ood feelings drowning
R eally beung hurt
E verything you love is gone
T rying to stay together
S taying strong and making it better
*What If*
I'm single and love it?
Some people have perfection on top,
others have it deep down,
and then theres me...
perfections lacking but a whole lot of sexy came in that picture
when no one answers your texts

10 Reasons to be a Cat
1. Free food
2. Free rent
3. Sleep whenever
4. No school
5. Just look adorable without trying
6. Get to hiss at people
7. License to kill
8. Able to bite, catch, murder anything annoying
9. Get loved and pet
10. Toes look like beans

I like to pretend I am magic
That way I have an excuse for being different

That awkward moment

  When you forgot your friend was coming and you were in your underwear