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guys are way too complicated  
i just want you to give me the chance to make you the happiest you will ever be
want to know my problem? its you. its always been you. its the way you raise my hopes and put me down the next day. how i love you more than anyone can understand, while you refuse to love me back. its the heartbreaking fact that i am doing everything for you, but i dont get anything in return. And the most hurtful thing about this is that i cant let you go. 
what screws us up the most in life is the picture in our heads of how it is supposed to be. 
"do you still think of him?"
he's the king of mixed signals and shes the queen of getting her hopes up
one night the moon said to me "if he makes you cry why don't you leave him?" I looked at the moon and replied "moon, would you ever leave your sky?"

was it because you got bored of me? or, perhaps, you decided it just wasn't meant to be. or maybe you left because you finally saw in me the things that I see. 

All I want   
is to make
you the
you will
ever be 

I don't understand  
was it something I did?
was it something I said?
what made you want
to leave?