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Business plan:
Hold sign that says "Free Hugs" then

whisper in their ear "its $100 to let go."

Of course size matters!
Nobody wants a small pizza.
never call a girl 'fat.'
even if she's not 'popular.' even if you don't like her. even if she's not your friend. even if she's not 'pretty.' even if she isn't nice to you. even if you hate her. even if she hates you. even if you love her. even if she loves you. even if she bullies you. even if she isn't a nice person.
even if she is.
don't make someone feel insecure and self conscious just because you want to make yourself feel better.

And she said the hardest part of recovery is when you're  not sure you want to recover.

You killed what

was left of the

good in me.



Why do they call it


Because that's how you feel
when they don't feel
the same way in return.


I wish I was enough for someone.

You hurt me.
Are you happy now?


another word for ''I'm hurt''



''Are you still mad at me?''


''Are you sure?''

''I was never mad at you.''

''What were you?''