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Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Drake are my life.
my name's Hailey,(;
 i love music. it's life. ♥ 
 i love cheerleading. ♥
i love acting and singing.♥
  some girl in school told everyone
my old witty account, so this is
my new one. -.-
wellll, that's about it . :)
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Quotes by twoisbetterthanonex3

& sometimes, I wonder
if you lie awake at night thinking about me. Thinking about everything that happened betweeen us. Thinking about how you regret everything you did to make it end. Thinking about how much you want me back. Thinking about how you would go back and change things if you could. Thinking about me. Thinking about us. 
probably not. 




Spend one more day with me.

Like how we were. Kissing and 

hugging, and talking. One day. 

And if you don't feel anything 

after that, then I'll let you go.


There ino such  thing

as "fake" or "plastic"

Everyone is a real person, with real feelings, 

and a real life, whether you like them or not.

Not my format or quote. Quote credit entirely to lovehimmorethanwords. Follow her! :) 



I never realized how sad and empty my life was,
until my friends pointed it out.

Parent Logic.
Little Sister: Omg Mommy and Daddy I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up and marry David Beckham! 
Parents: Aw! All your dreams are going to come true! Here's some tickets to the next professional soccer game in our state. Plus, let's go meet the players! 
Me: Mom, Dad, I'm inlove with One Direction! Their songs give me butterflies and make me feel good about myself. Plus, they're so relateable! And hot! And funny! I want to marry them! Can I please, please, please have tickets to their 2013 tour? 
LOL. They're never gonna marry you. Keep dreaming.
Me: But..
Parents: Tickets are expensive. You have no concept of money.
Me: But my sister.. 
You're grounded.

True Story! -.- 

I know I'm pretty, don't get me wrong, I just wish I was as pretty as her.

n ot myformat

True Story.

He's in the military.

She's an average girl from New York.

Their fathers were both firefighters.

They met at a dinner at the firehouse.

Love at first sight.

Although they went to separate high schools,

they dated. It was

Her walls are covered in photos of them.

She knows he's
the one.

He joined the military.

He moved to South Carolina.

They dated still. Long distance.

The stars were their thing.

Everytime they looked up at the sky,

they felt

They got tattoos. Of stars.

They were 19.

She just turned 20, he's 21.

He came back from Afghanistan,

and proposed to her on her birthday.

They were married
under the stars.

Just a small wedding.

And now they moved to South Carolina.

True love does exist. ♥

Congratulations Mikey and Rissa!

I'd rather be hated by you than be ignored by you.

because at least when people hate you, they treat
you like you


He takes your hand
I die a little.
---- I watch your eyes ----

And I'm in r i d d l e s 
Why cant you look at me like that
.....When you walk by.....
I try to say it, but then I freeze
and never do it, my tongue gets tied
The words get trapped
I hear the beat of my heart getting louder
whenever I'm near you..


THiNew Girlfriend:
He loves Eminem.
He likes it when you tell him secrets.
He'll tease you a lot. 
He's great at knowing when you're upset.
He'll always poke you in the stomach.
He hates the notebook, but if you beg him, he'll watch it with you.
He's inlove with baseball.
He'll kiss your cheek when you cuddle.
He loves when you call him 'baby.'
He hates makeup.

He's a bad liar.
He's great at begging for forgiveness.
 He'll flirt with other girls.
Sometimes he'll tease you a little to much.
He has some anger problems.
He may cheat on you, multiple times.

He just mighbreavour heart.

format credit to : ColorMeeSamm