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Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Drake are my life.
my name's Hailey,(;
 i love music. it's life. ♥ 
 i love cheerleading. ♥
i love acting and singing.♥
  some girl in school told everyone
my old witty account, so this is
my new one. -.-
wellll, that's about it . :)
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Quotes by twoisbetterthanonex3

I Need Help. 
It's about my friend. I'll call her M for privacy. She's been dating this boy Q for about 3 and a half months. They were best friends before they dated, and they're absolutely adorable. M's parents don't allow her to date. But her mom caught her and was okay with it surprisingly. Her dad didn't know. They are so cute together you have no idea, they are perfect for eachother. Two days ago, Q and M kissed infront of my really strict science teacher. My science teacher called both M and Q's parents. M's parents are so disapointed in her. She was the type of good girl who never cursed, never got bad grades, never got in trouble, until now. He parents took away her phone permanately, they took away her computer and took her tv out of her room. They also took away the big dance at the end of the year, and they want to send her to an all girl's bording school. It's horrible. And the worst part is, M's mom took her phone and texted Q a very long message. She's been crying non-stop for the past two days and when she's not crying she's just staring into space and nothing. Q has been ignoring M and being he's a good friend of mine, he told me he wants to breakup with her because they can't ever talk or see eachother because they only have one class together. He doesn't want to hurt her though. He wants me to imply to her that she should breakup with him. I hate seeing M like this and none of us know how to help her. I need advice. 



You asked me what was wrong, 
I smiled and said "nothing."
And turned around and 
whispered, "everything."


And I hate how much I love you boy, I can't stand how much I need you.. 



j o k e s  g o  t o o  f a r. 



Don't wait for the perfect moment, 

Take the moment, and make it perfect.

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In life, you're going to be

left out, talked about, and used.

But in the end, you have to decide

worth your tears,

who's not.


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Daily Routine:

1. Get up.


3. Go back to bed.

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"I love u." AWWWW really?!
 ...."Yeah, it's my favorite vowel."

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