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Heyy, I'm Tyler
I'm 16
I'm From Boston,
I Love Sports
Chris Webby=Happiness
boyss are my lifee, even though i dont get any
So Yea.....
HMU ;)

HavenBreezy is my Wife!
Were lovers ;) lmao

Hey there it’s Briahna hacking Tyler. Well, first off he’s
such a sweetheart, and he’s adorable.(:  He always knows how to
put a
 smile on someone's face. He's really nice, and funny.
He's fun to talk to I promise you! Sorry this hack is so lame,
but I’m horrible at doing these. Anyways, talk to him!

Hi Tyler(:

It's Sydney! (woahxhoe)
well, lemme start with Tyler♥ your amazingggg!!
your are legit the sweetest guy on witty!
Anyone reading this, talk to tyler he will Legit make your day(:
sooo, you need to move to my part of massachusetts
or you have to drive me to me(: ASAP.
okay well i need to go finish my layout,
adios amigos


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You Just Been LEXYFIED c:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Boyy, where to start!


You're so sweet

and caring, and you

always put a

smile on my face!

You're hilarious

and adorable, and

any girl would be

lucky to have you!

You're such an 

awesome friend

I'm so happy

you're in my life!

Stay amazing!




okay well you are amazing and i absolutely love you.
got it? okay good♥
okay so this child is pretty sexy if you ask me
and he is suppppper sweeeeet.
you should probably go and follow him I will wait while you do that.
oh good you are done!
now you can go leave penishim a comment.
okay now anyways where was I?
oh yeah this kids is my favorite person and he can make your day I promise you that

okay byee♥


Hello there my amazing friend
Right so this boy called Tyler is pretty super if you ask me
And I must say im in love with you <3

We havent talked for ages but heyho I know you enough to say this honestly
You have an amazing personality and you are sooo easy to talk to
You make me smile whenever we talk
Your heart is massive and you have time for everyone
Hmu you sexy boy :D

Love From Milly <3


  Ayee playaa it's Taylor (omgitsmelol)
You're a pretty sweet kid...you
  got your ways with the ladies I gotta say baby!
To all the girls or guys reading this Tyler's got some pretty sick swag so wpenisatch the fuck out. Tyler your pretty cute and don't deny it boo.
Imma goo now love ya :*
Tayyyyy babayyyy

ayo shmexy (yes you!), It's Jessica here! You are freakin ADORABLE. I love you! you always know how to make a girl smile :) Anyone who doesn't  k n o w  Tyler should
....you are so sweet....  f u n n y ....chill....

Any girl would be lucky to know  y o u 

Keep up that .s.w.a.g. boo;)

Love you shmexy boy,
J e s s i c a (Jessy17)

you've just been hacked;)

hi my nig , its yo biffy fo lyfe. Harley, k uhm well i love you alot bro.♥ & chu mad cute boy(; WE GOTS SWAG CUZ WE LIVE IN BOSTON. and if u disagree u can smd. k?k lmfao. wellp follow this white boy cuz hes amazing ,. if u dont. then we will need a word , alone. if ya know wht i men bro. so ... this is really bad omfg . uhm well LOVE U BOO♥ k byee. (;

Hey Tyler :)
this is LINDSAY hacking :P

this guy is so cool you should talk to him
we met ONLAY yesterday and hes had sex with me like 70 times already<3 :)
well if you dont talk to him or follow him i will sit in your closet with a scissor and make a hole in all of your clothes [thats my worst nightmare]
well hes always gonna be there for me so.. i love him and hes so cute xD
I should leave because this is getting really long!

Oh well xx
~ Lindsay

Hello my love:)
Guess what?
I'm the bestest because I just hacked your page
and changed your profile  picture
That's greatness right there.
you need to come over so we can have that date in my camper...;)
And so we can look up at the stars and cuddle,
cuz you promised.

Oh, and for all you girls who don't know Tyler,
Love Tara ^_-

Hi Tyler <3
heeey guess whoo? yup your bff mackenzieee~
so since i was on here editing your profile i figured i might just sexify it even more
anyway for those who don't know tyler he is like the sexiest motherfucker i know well other than me of course but still ;D
so yeah tyler is hot and sweet and hilarious so talk to him, bitchachos <333

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Hey <3 Its Dhappy hacking.
Man where do I start? Oh right! I love you <3 Yu are my best friend to start with, Yu are a real gentlemen real talk ! Yur a lucky guy since this gurl yu are her best friend Tyler. Always making me smile with those nice comments yu say about me, I just fucking love yu ehmagod, Rate:10,284,629,384 there will be more numbers but yu alrite right there Broooo.c:

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You all are fake! you push people way to far! taking a break fom witty bye
who has a snapchat?
when you like someone but your not sure if they like you back!
If you've ever been called
put this as your quote
whoever 's it

Rest Easy Dave Wade! You Were Such An Amazing Person And Could Put A Smile On Anyones Face! Only The Good Die Young! "Us We Together Forever"
The Parents In Home Alone Must Be The Worst Parents Ever, Who Looses Their Kid 4 Times
I hate when people act like they know what your going through.....like no STFU
< 3
You Want A Romeo? Yet Your Not Close To A Juliet