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My name is katie ..nada.. almost 15!

Quotes by uenjoymyself45

Maybe he won't find out
What I know
.:You were the last good thing about this part of town:.
By the way,
I tried to say...
I'd be there.
<3 so take a look at me now
cuz i've just been *standin* here
and you coming back to me is |against| the odds
thats a ~chance~ i got to take
take a {good} look at me now <3

-gavin degraw
All the times we had
If you can't count them
...you're better off
My heart* is broke
but i have some glue*
help me inhale
and mend it with you.
"We'll float around
and hang out on the clouds,
then we'll come down
and have a hangover"
Was now that i {realize}
That forever was in your eyes
The :moment: i saw you cry..

-a walk to remember
I dont want to be anything other than
what Ive been {trying to be} lately.
All I have to do is think of me
and I have peace of mind.
Im tired of looking around rooms wondering what I gotta do
or (who) Im supposed to be.
I dont want to be anything other than _me_.

i dont want to be
-gavin degraw
:* tell me we belong to.gether *:
Boys and Girls wanna hear a true story?
Saturday night was at this real ~wild~ party
They had the {liquor} over-flowin the cup
'Bout 5/6 strippers tryin' to work for a _buck_
And I took .one girl. outside with me
Her name was Lani
She went to &junior-high& with me
I said why you up in there
Dancin' for $cash$
I guess a whole lots *changed* since i seen you last
She said what would you do?!
If your son was at ^home^
Cryin all `alone` on the bedroom floor
Cuz he's hungry
And the {only way} to feed him is ta
Sleep with a man for a little bit of $money
And his daddy's _gone
Somewhere smokin' rock now
In and outta lock down
I ain't gotta job |now|
So for you this is just a *_good-time_*
But for me this is what I call L*i*f*e*

(what would you do...city high)