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Quotes by uherkisses

•Sherlock •


Chapter 1

Lisa always hated family gatherings. Perhaps it was the way that every human in the room pretended to know you and your undying past. Or it had to do with the fact that Lisa was one of those subtle teenagers that left her gum on her keyboard and held her place in a book with anything she could find next to her. The simplicity of her life always seemed to be disrupted as she sat around loud aunts and uncles that pinched children’s cheeks and asked Lisa what she wanted to do with her life. Being a sixteen year old with barely much thought into the future it was hard for her to answer them. Something with books is what she’s always thought, but who knows.
“An editor.” Lisa would always answer and they’d make that annoying “oh” face, like her plan wasn’t really interesting to them but they pretended it was. Most of the time, especially around Christmas, Lisa felt like a speck of the dust on her great grandmother’s photo that just stood in the corner. Sometimes she’d sit next to the photo and smile at it as if her gram was still there, telling Lisa stories of how her and her great grandfather met.
“He was tall, and so handsome.” She’d say with a school girl grin on her face. “He returned after the war, and I couldn’t let him go to waste, so I snatched him up.” She made a grabbing motion with her hands as she said "snatched" that made Lisa giggle. Her gram seemed so at ease and peaceful as she rocked back in forth, a silver threaded afghan across her frail legs. Lisa and her grandmother were both very much alike. They both hated family outings and receiving gifts. During Christmas gram would always tell her to help her up the stairs before gift time came around. “I don’t need to hear the screaming kids. Plus we can go play solitaire on my card table up there.”
Those memories was something Lisa kept close to her heart. After gram died the rest of her family seemed to be like a herd of obnoxious penguins that Lisa could never really step around. Thank god Jack was usually with her to save her from the madness. But the tall blue eyed boy was nowhere to be found. She pulled out her phone with a sigh and texted:

Hey, I know you’re too cool for family gatherings now, according to Zack, but this sort of sucks without you here. 


Fight for what you believe in;
 strive for what you love.

¨°o.O O.o°¨
That moment when... 
I go to the bathroom and
see my cat, so I wave like
the awkward child I am.


Katelin's advice of the day:
If you like someone
then be with them
don't give two f*cks about
what others think.

Because special people dont come around too often and you just might miss them.

I hate 
those girls who think

because a guy breaks up with them
that their lives are over.
You dont need a guy to live. Seriously.




Chapter 3

I brought the cup to my lips and let the warm liquid pour down my throat. It was sweet
and it brought back a memory of which I've never had before; it was cold. What seemed
to be white puffs filled the sky as I spun in what was an inch deep of it. Smiling. I was happy
and someone called to me, had they known me? Another flash of a face, not like the
face of the male I would always see, but it was a women. She was young and her
prescience lit up the room once I stepped inside the sliding wooden door, "içməkDrink.
She said pointing to a silver can, the aroma filled my nose and made my taste buds water.
I took a sip and then- nothing. The memory ended, with a sigh I opened my eyes to see Ella 
sitting in front of my with a smile on her face, it was contagious because I couldn't help
but smile back. Looking at her she began to try and translate with her hands again. She 
spoke out loud as she made the movements with her hands, "What is your name?" Pointing
to me she then struggled to comply with the rest of the phrase which caused her to show 
anxiety in her features. "They call me Ella." Hearing the word Ella sparked the thought, Was
she asking what they called me? Like how they call the man Jeremy and her Ella? A smile
spread across my face as I understood what the women had said.

"Flora." I said with an accent that was different from Ella's when she said it. For some reason
in her language it sounded better. Prettier in fact, like a flower which made her grin larger, as did
Ella's. Suddenly I heard someone approach, someone behind me, which made me startled as
my head swung around to see who had entered the room. It was not Jeremy this time, but another
man, he looked at me for a moment and my eyes widened. The face. It was him, the boy from my
dreams, the boy who I was supposed to know. But how? The hair the eyes, everything was the same,
but something was missing. He stared at me like an intruder, like I had done something horribly
wrong. Whereas the boy from my dream smiled to me and invited me to speak with him. In the
dream he spoke the same language as me but now it was foreign, just like the others.

"Who the hell is this mom?" He said angrily towards Ella which made me flinch away from the
hard tone in his voice. He just stared at his mother for a response; he frightened me, would he hurt Ella?
Should I protect her? But as soon as the thought had come to my head Ella touched my arm gently
to sooth me. She could tell I had been affected negatively by the boy, looking at me she just smiled
assuring me that nothing was wrong unlike the thoughts that were in my head. Directing her gaze 
back at the boy she gave him a stern look and shook her head.

"Now Peter that is no way to treat a guest that has been invited here. You've scared her and its wrong of you to swear." Peter, I guess that’s what they call him, just rolled his eyes and stomped
off his boots leaving muddy marks as he did so. I watched after him intently, had I upset him? The
boy from my dream, was it just a dream? But how could I have seen his exact features without
knowing him first? Looking back at Ella she could see the confusion on my face and stood up,
"Come now Flora. I'll show you to your room." Walking over to me she just smiled taking my hand,
though I had no idea where we were going or what she had just said I felt at peace. Like I could
trust someone without second guessing myself.


 “Wait a minute! I just realized

         that was a conscious decision!
You peed on my couch!

-Dr. Doofenshmirtz❤ 
Phineas and Ferb (:

 f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 


Katelin's advice of the day:
stop posting about your
drug abuse on
facebook, it doesnt 
make you cool.


Sometimes people can't
see why you think a certain 

well that's their damn fault.