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hey hi i'm karson c: and i love unicorns.
} beanies, one direction, oversized sweaters, unicorns, sleep, the hunger games kaibyee. 

Quotes by unbalanced

Why I need new Parents.
Parents: You're so anti social you need to get off your computer and get outside.
Me: Can I go outside with my friends? 

Parents: No.

That awkward momenwhen,
              a third grader has a better phone than you do

mom: *calls my name* 

 *closes computer, gets up, opens door, walks downstairs, jumps through hoop of fire, fights muhammad ali in his prime, wrestles a bear, out runs usain bolt, climbs mount everest*

mom: Hand me that thing literally 5 feet from where I'm sitting.


Mafter five situps: 
where are my abs?

Me after one minute orunnning;
i'm still alive, but im barley bretahing.