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To be honest- I heard girls in my class talking about this website, so I thought I would take a look at it. Anyway; I don't define myself as perfect, actually, I'm so far from it. I live in a small town in a big state. I have a beautiful girlfriend, Aubree. We've been together for 2 years and 10 months. I'm head over heals for her. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Aubree and I have a beautiful baby girl, Kenley Micah Sager. She's the center of my world, I love her so much. I can't say that i have the worst life, but I can promise you that what i've been through, wasn't easy. My best friend Micah, died in front of me on July 3rd, 2012. It's the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with. I live and I learn, and everything that I've been through only made me the person I am today. I'm here to inspire as many young lives as I can. You aren't alone, even if you feel like nobody cares. Someone has always been down that road, and it may not be easy, nobody ever said it wouldn't be hard, but you just got to keep your head up and make it through. Life is beautiful, you just have to look past the darkness. I'm going to keep living for you, Micah. I love you. B4L. ( Bro's for life ) Rest in Peace. Followers and Comments.  



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You Know I'd fall apart without you. 
I don't know how you do what you do. 
'Cause everything  that don't make sense about me, 
makes sense when I'm with you.

 Kenley Micah Sager. ♥ Mommy & Daddy's little Angel. 
Kenley and I. ♥ Image and video hosting by TinyPic My brother's kid, Aiden, holding Kenley.  Image and video hosting by TinyPicKenley sticking her tongue out at me. (:
 Kenley and her Daddy in the hospital

Quotes by unforgetableCaleb

I should've said "I love you" as many times as I could while you were still here. 

I put some thought in to whether or not I should keep this profile up and continue to keep updates or if I should delete it and never come back to this website again.. Everything is going to be so different without Caleb and I will rarely ever have time to keep this updated.. But I feel like somewhere inside of me, I feel something trying to say that Caleb has put a lot of hope in this and he would check it all the time to make sure if he was able to help anyone and that me deleting this I would be letting Caleb down. I really don't know what I would keep updates on.. But the thought of letting down Caleb will rip my insides out..
What should I do?

 If later on down the road I have to delete it.. I hope every single one of you that have talked to Caleb and have helped him get through some of his rough times and supported him, You deserve to know how much you meant to him. He didn't have to meet any of you in person to know how much you are worth.  I've heard about Witty 2 - 3 times a week and I knew he fell back on to here when times got rough and he had no where else to go.. And You kept him alive another day and gave him another reason to live on, not only for himself but for the ones who loves him and for Micah.  I thank you every single one of you wonderul young lives on here who have helped Caleb see through when he nearly gave up.. Sometimes, It hurt me so much to see him hurt that I choose to leave him aside when he needed me the most and I can't tell you how incredibly sorry I have ever left him alone.  Caleb gave me the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me and nobody will ever be able to amount to that, not even this world.

I really just can't take any of this in.. I refuse to accept any of this.


Written in memory of Caleb.
From family and his friends.
He was truly inspiring and he will be missed by his family and his friends and most importantly his daughter Kenley Micah Sager.
Please comment what you would like to say and words that he's said that has inspired you and leave a story that has changed you for good that Caleb has helped you with. These will be showed at the visitation.

- I want to make this short. Sunday was the worst day of my life. I have never met anyone as bright, strong hearted and charismatic as my younger brother. Anyone who knew him would say the same. He was naturally talented at anything he put his mind to. He had a gift for making people want to be around him. He was my best friend. Sunday, my little brother Caleb Sager parished this earth. -Caleb's older brother. 

This really doesn't feel real; The thought of never seeing you again. You were the one kid I knew would protect my little brother at school and you have no idea how much I respect you. You are stronger than anyone I know and I'm positive you'll only be remembered as the amazing person you are. I wish there was something I could have done to make you realize how incredible you are to so many people. You never gave yourself enough credit for that. I just want you to know how proud I am of you and i'll be praying and hoping that you hear me. Love you kiddo. - Ryan, the guy who graduated last year from your school.

I've been sitting here all day thinking of what I can say.. I've known you since I was in third grade, Caleb. We used to always say "brother from another mother" .. I talked to you about a day before Kenley was born because ever since I've moved I haven't really been able to communicate with old friends. We talked about hanging out the day I came back.. Now i'm back and we never got to. I really hope you're happy where ever you're at. You've helped me incredibly and I can't say it enough how thankful I am for all the advice you've given. You're never forgotten. -Ryan Rehnolds

Since i've lost my best friend, death usually doesn't bother me so much.. So, I don't know why this is messing with me so much. Caleb, you meant a lot to very many people. I know we weren't close or anything, but I thought about you literally and honestly every day since after Micah's funeral.. Just constantly worried about how you were, how things were going.. I'm really upset over this whole thing, so I really can't imagine how your family feels or Aubree.. And no matter what anyone says, I knew that the day Micah drown that you did everything you could in your power to be able to save him.. And everyone who's not stupid knows it to. I never blamed you for his death, and I'm sorry that you suffered so much from that.. Take it easy dear.. And hug up on Micah when you see him and tell him how much he's missed as well.. We will remember you for who you are and not for your past. Rest In Peace Caleb. -Keely

Each and every day we take life for granted and before we know it, it is gone. This should be an eye opener for everybody. Today is a day we will all think about and remember for the rest of our lives. An amazing young man with amazing talent and potential rode up to heaven on the wings of an angel. I looked forward to having him by my side on the football field but now he will be playing on a much better team in a much better place with angels. We all will miss him and we all love him. I am so very sorry for the family of Caleb. My heart goes out to you 1000 percent. He was a great guy and his memory will live on in many people he has touched. - Jt Gulish  .

I've known you for 6 years. It's so ridiculous thinking you're gone. I thought that when I was older, I would hear your name all across the United States for something amazing that you did. You won't be forgotten. -Anthony.

I want you to know, you were and are still loved. Everyone showed that today. I still remember in 6th grade when one day you called me gageypoo. I didn't know why, but you did, and you called me that ever since, and it's our senior year this year. I'll never forget you calling me that. And it was all the more surreal when they told us you had passed. And today in the auditorium when Mr.Erickson said your name.  I will never forget the sudden ourbursts of cries that came from all around me when your name was called out Caleb. I just thought I had to let you know that you are loved and you are already missed by so many. We've lost two amazing young men from this class, it's tragic that you two were best friends.. Take care of each other and watch upon our class and as we walk down the isle. We all know that you two will be there walking right beside us as a class, as if you two aren't even gone. You're back with Micah and I hope the pain you felt down here caleb has subsided.. Your family is in my prayers. - Gage. 

Today has to be the second hardest day of my life. I'm still in shock and don't know what to say. I've known caleb since he was in diapers. Even back then he had a huge smile that would light up a room. I can't imagine my life without him. Having had my step son who I called my own, Micah, pass away July 3rd.. Caleb was like my own kid and my heart is broken. Caleb, you will be missed so much by everyone you met. You were a shining star. Micah and you watch over us all and guide us on to the right paths and give us closure to this void that is left in all of our hearts. I love you both dearly. - Micah's step mom.


One last post to Micah from Caleb, this tore me apart.  

  My best friend, ever. Where to even start.. Wow. Since the first day you came over to my house we had something about each other that completely clicked between us. I have known you for 11 years I suppose, and I swear to god to this day today we have never fought about anything. You were always there with me through thick and thin as well I was for you. We have some astonishing and breathtaking together that I will never EVER forget.. But we both went down the wrong road for awhile and went through things kids shouldn't our age should have gone through. Seeing you in pain has still to this day hurt me more than anything. I look at my problems and think they're minuscule to the things you were dealt with. Today was the last day I will see you in years, maybe longer. I can say that nobody will take your place even if I met everyone on this earth. I truly love you, I wish you the best of luck, Micah. 

- Both of you, spread your wings and fly, be free.. ):



Help make Caleb smile 

I've only been on this website a few times, to keep update for everyone who was worried about Caleb after his accident and his long hospital stay..  Before that, I often heard many different things about this website. I'm caleb's girlfriend, Aubree. We've been together for 3 years and 1 month and i've seen caleb at his best and I've seen him at his worst. One of his goals in life were to inspire young lives to believe that there really is a light in the tunnel that you're in.
Caleb would tell stories to his friends and other young people about his dad, who lost his life when Caleb was 11 years old due to a car accident. As i've watched Caleb through out the years I've known him and were aware of the things he was going threw, I've watched him become a very strong man. I fell in love with his personality, his out look on life and how positive he stayed through some of the toughest times that were almost impossible to get through and without that hope that Caleb has given to me and my family, I don't think we would have been able to live up to this point. My family has and will not ever be the same without my brother, who was killed in a car accident. With caleb's strong words of wisdom and love and support, i've been able to make it through some of the biggest struggles of mine.
As many of you have read the many quotes Caleb has put up to be seen about his friend Micah. That hit not only very close to home, it hit the exact spot to damn near killing Caleb. I've repeated quotes and exact words Caleb has seemed to have forgotten about but that he once told me when I was struggling to cope with the loss of my brother. Caleb put his heart and soul in to Micah. Caleb had his future wedding planned out and Micah was the best man. Micah was the god father of Caleb's first baby. Micah was going to be every where that Caleb was at, and never in a million years would Caleb or myself have expected to be going to Micah's funeral.. It hasn't been a full year since Micah's death but it's still fresh to the mind like it was yesterday. I watch Caleb get threw every single day and there still isn't one day that Caleb goes without having a smile on his face. Even if he's hurting, physically, emotionally, anything.. He still has that smile. That smile that has gotten me through some of the toughest times that I sworn I was never going to be able to make it through. He gave me so much hope and to this day, he gives me more hope than ever.

- Now, what I wanted to do to make Caleb smile. To give back to caleb for all those times he has given me hope and has inspired me to keep moving forward.. I want every person who reads this to either comment on this quote or on his profile and leave a comment telling him how he inspired you and leave a good comment.
I'm not asking you to do this.. If he didn't, don't bother saying anything.
But just this much will make caleb smile that will brighten up the whole entire room. I'll leave the laptop by his bedside so when he opens it and comes on next, all of this will be here for him to read.

Thank you everyone who has been so supportive with Caleb. I'm so greatful to have such an amazing person in my life who has changed everything in me for the better.

I love you so much, Caleb. 

A lot of people are trusting you right now.
Please don't let us down.

It's happening all again 

Caleb was able to hold Kenley in his arms today while he was laying in the hospital bed.. It broke my heart hearing him say that he broke his promise that he wouldn't be in here for the same reason he was here before. 
They're starting to believe something is in his blood that is causing such problems.. They've been running tests all day.. I hate seeing him hurting.. I hate having to leave him here alone.. 

I love you so much, Caleb. 

A lot of people are trusting you right now.
Please don't let us down.

It's happening all again 

Caleb called me while I was at school today and told me that he felt like his heart was beating really fast and not normal like.. I told him to just lay back and relax and i'll finish this last hour and come home and if it's worse or hasn't gotten better, we'd go to the hospital. I got home about 20 minutes after I ended the phone call and Caleb was on the couch and breathing non-normal and he was saying he can barley catch his breath and that it hurts.. I helped him up and drove him to the hospital.
I've been sitting in the waiting room waiting for tests to come back.. About 2 hours of waiting, the doctor said he's having the same problem he was having before his heart transplant.. That his heart stops and he stops breathing and they revived him and got him back.. He has to stay in the hospital for the rest of the night and tomorrow they are running more tests.

I just don't get life sometimes.. Why does something like this have to happen to someone like Caleb.  I can't stand seeing my best friend in so much pain and constantly worrying.
Another sleepless night; here I come. 

Please keep Caleb in his prayers. We were so close to losing him last time, and I don't want to have a call come that close again.
I love you Caleb.

A lot of people are trusting you right now.
Please don't let us down.


 As I sit in Heaven and watch you everyday,
I try to let you know with signs; I never went away.
I hear you when you're laughing and watch you as you sleep,
I even place my arms around you to calm you as you weep.
I see you wish the days away
Begging to have me home,
So i try to send you signs so you know you're not alone.
Don't feel guilty that you have life that was denied to me,
Heaven is truly beautiful. You just wait and see.
So live your life, laugh again,
Enjoy yourself, be free.
Then I know with every breath you take.. You'll be taking one for me. 

I miss you so much Micah.. You've been on my mind non-stop. 
<3 Rest In Peace.



Micah's dad's story..  

; it's been a little over 7 months since my son's death and as I think back now, I can remember some really sad times. For example, I remember perfectly getting the telephone call at work that hot summer day from the Albany, California police officer. After identifying himself, he asked me a very peculiar question, "Where are you?" he asked. I asked him if he was asking me what my home address was. "No." he said, "Where are you right now?" I told him where I work and he said he would be there in a few minutes. I remember thinking as I hung up the phone that he had to be bringing me bad news. Police officers don't visit you in person with good news. When he arrived at my work place, he explained how there has serious accident at River Front Beach that afternoon, that my 16 year old son, Micah, was part of the accident, and that there was major impact on the young boy who was there also. I recognized that he used the term 'major impact' to let me know that my son likely had a very serious injury. 
After he escorted me to the hospital, and I got the really bad news. "He didn't make it", the doctor told me, I felt so strange. He didn't make it, how could that be? I thought he was still in his bed that morning when I left. When the doctor said those fateful words to me, I remember how strange I felt. it just didn't compute. Micah had been a living breathing soul some hours earlier and now he was gone? I didn't really feel anger at the time, but I do remember walking around the waiting room, pounding my left fist into my right palm saying, "Nothing's right about this. Nothing's right about this." In retrospect, those were exactly the right words. Poor Micah, under the right conditions he could have lived 60, maybe 70 years. Now the rest of his life was forfeited. 
When we got home, there was plenty of phone calls and person visits. And I think that was a good thing- it helped keep my mind off the bad news. I remember sitting out in the side yard that afternoon and watching the garbage truck pick up garbage. It didn't seem right, here were the garbage men picking up and emptying the trash cans just like nothing had happened. That whole first day of death was surreal. I didn't call the funeral home, I waited on them to call me. I dreaded going to the funeral home to pick out the casket and select the date and time for the funeral service. I remember Micah's friend Caleb had picked out and given me a bag with the clothes to dress Micah in and how said it felt to hand those clothes to the staff member at the funeral home. I was quite calm at the visitation the night before the funeral service. In fact, I was surprised at myself. I had expected to be upset and somewhat emotional, but instead i was calm. I was able to have a conversation with a good friend from the past that I hadn't seen in a long time. We even laughed about some reminisces from our past. Why didn't I show more sadness, more remorse? I realized later that I must have been in emotional shock. It is my impression that emotional shock is there to protect us, to allow us "ease into" the new, unpleasant situation. During the two weeks after my son's death, I puttered around the house, took walks, and generally carried on like I had before. I can remember exactly when the emotional shock ended. I had been back to work about a week. It was 21 says after my son's death and I was sitting at my desk when a sadness came on me. I don't know how else to describe it. I think I shed a few tears and somehow I understood that the emotional shock was leaving me and that Micah really was gone and I would never never see him again on earth. My sister gave me the name and phone number of another bereaved father and suggested that I call him. I did and he explained to me how his daughter died in a tragic automobile accident. Then he said something that really scared me. He told me that he thought the second year after his daughters death was the hardest.  He said that he kept expected her to come home that first year, but the second year he knew she wasn't coming home. I know grieving is a long process but I thought everything was over with in some reasonable time, a few months, maybe? 

As I look back now just 7 months later, I've forgotten about some of the really, hard, sad times. And that shows that time does, in fact, provide some healing. What if God hadn't build us to heal physically and emotionally. What if we had to feel exactly the same intense feelings every day for the rest of our life that we felt in the early stages? Could we stand it? But in fact, it does get better and i think there are several things we could do to help ourselves.  As I think back over the emotions that I felt in the first few weeks after this accident, I recogonized I did feel sadness and guilt. The guilt came about because i have been a fairly permissive parent and I have to remind myself that on him my own son had corrected serveral things in his life and was going down a better path. Of course, that almost makes me realize that had it not been  for a simple, horrifying and unexpected error, his life was about to improve. 
I close with a short poem I wrote about 4 months after my son's death: 
Death is such a final thing, 
Or so the saying goes, 
It has such a terminal ring, 
and keeps us in the threos, 
Of sadness beyond bounds, 
But just remember this, 
The memory of the person goes on, 
As long as we refuse to forget.