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Hi Everyone (: Well I haven't been on Witty in months and soo much has changed. I'm leaving up all my old quotes, but I just cleared my profile and I'm starting over. I'm not here for followers, but it would be nice if you followed me (: That's pretty much it for now, so thanks for reading :D Oh! P.S. My profile picture credit goes to Gregor C. on LoadingArtist.com

Quotes by unibugsrock

Ok. You want the honest truth? Maybe I'm the one who hasn't been completely truthful. Lemme just type and se if it makes any sense. I wouldn't say I'm still hurt. I've forgiven you, definitely, and I've 'come to terms' with it, and myself. But there's a tiny little part of me - microscopic even - that still feels like I could just be 'one of the many', you know? It's horrible. But oh well. I'm done typing now.

bye <3

I LOVE what I do to you...

And what you do to me.


Love it.

I LOVE what I do to you...


Love it.


Maybe a little.

It's ok.

No matter what, I'll stick with you.

Whether you're the sweetest most supportive human being ever;

Or a heartless, uncaring person.

To be quite honest, I don't care. You know why?

Because when I fell in love with you, I fell in love with ALL of you.

Not just your good side. Not just the happiness;

But I also fell in love with that beautiful, twisted soul.

I expect nothing of you except that when the darkness has passed, when I call you back before the distance separates us, that you'll still love me.

Because I can tell you from now that I'll be there after the storm.

I'll be there to hold you and comfort you, because I love you.

I'll be there... Waiting, always waiting for you.

True love is not measured by how happy you get during the good times, but how much pressure it takes before letting go during the bad.

I'll never let go.

"Simply put, being with you is how I want every day of my life to be."

- Him
Do you know what it's like to have an internal voice that tells you what the right thing to do is all of the time, and you do it, and it works, and you're good at what you do, and then one day it just shuts off, and in that moment there is no voice, and you just have to listen to yourself, and in an instant, in a millisecond, you make a tiny but crucial mistake and screw up so badly, it affects your whole life?

- Juliet O'Hara, Psych

Why'd you

h a v e   to come along

and make me

fall in love with you?



You guys don't have to read this, but I just wanna say it (:
Stuff About Him...

He's always on my mind.
He's my alarm clock :P
He's the last person I see at night.
He blows me a kiss <3
He cares.
He means everything to me.
Oh, and one more thing...

I love him.
You guys don't have to read this, but I just wanna say it (:
Stuff About Him...

We talk all day.
He goes to my church.
He messages me in the morning until I wake up.
He's my alarm clock.
We talk until the bell rings for the start of school.
As soon as school ends texts me.
We keep talking on Skype once I get home.
He's the last person I see at night when we hang up.
He blows me a kiss <3
He cares.
He knows everything about me.
And there's much, much more...