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Quotes by unicorns_chuckling

"Regular" marriage and "gay" marriage are like swimsuit tops and bras.
They're exactly the same thing
But only one is allowed in public.
Eenie meenie minie mo
you ain't nothin but a hoe
you think your cute
you think your classy
Newsflash girl!
your freaking nasty.
"I caught a mosquito once, then let it free where it could reproduce!"

Roses are White
Nightlock is Blue
It's called Catching Fire
NOT Hunger Games 2
_ Single
_ Taken
X I basically get as much attention as a white crayon.
Me: Mom what's it like to have the most awesome daughter in the world?

Mom: I don't know you'll have to ask your grandma...

This time mom…this time...
Thanks to Disney and The Lion King,

For giving me a false interpretation of where an actual lion lives.
Some people call me a plagarist

Their words not mine.
That feeling you get on a Sunday night when you remember you have homework....

You will never have enough power over people than when your holding a rubber band in your hand.