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Quotes by unknow

there are scars and stories that you'll never know about me yet you continue to judge me but you know nothing about me and you never will
You never completely understand a person no matter how many miles you walk in there shoes
People always ask why i dont talk and as soon as i talk they tell me to shut up. Then go on wondering why i never speak again.
Face it head on......
                                     Take it in ......
Find its weakness...
                                 Fight it.....
                                                And never let it win.....
One day i'm just gona give up walk away because it's not worth it anymore
One day you'll be at your last friday night football game,
your last game with your team,
our last test,
our last school lunch,
your last report card,
your last young and wild saturday night with people you've made millions of memories with,
people you'll proubly forget about until you at pictures that bring those memorie back,
standing in alphabetical order with people you've watched grow up,
people who've watched you grow up,
you'll be closing your locker for one last time,
and walking out those doors for the last time,
soon high school will be all over,
d none of it will matter anymore
I would rather have no one, then a bunch of fake people.