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      deserves his own TV show.
Hearing just one line of Call Me Maybe=Having it stuck in your head for the rest of the day
*sees attractive guy*
Me: Wheeeere have youu been all my liiiiiiife?!
*guy runs away*
Me: So, call me maybe?

Plot Twist: He actually likes me.

       MTV needs to make a show where they put             5 Directioners and 5 Directionators in the same room for a week. Now that is a show that I would watch.
Thank you Uncle Simon.

Simon said yes to Niall when Cheryl and Katy had their doubts.
Simon said yes to Harry when Louis said he was too young.
Simon rejected Liam the first time around and told him to come back and try again.
Simon helped Zayn when he was too nervous to dance.
Simon said yes to them at the judges house when he knew they could be a risk.
Simon signed them to his label after they came third.
All in all, thank you Uncle Simon.
                          Two years of talent.
                          Two years of dreams.
                          Two years of laughter.
                          Two years of tears.
                          Two years of One Direction.

                                         Happy Anniversary boys:)

                                                                             2 Years,
                                                              1 Album,
                                                              18 Songs,
                                                              3 Books,
                                                              1 Documentry,
                                                              1 Brit,
                                                              2 KCA's,
                                                              3 TCA's,
                                                              5 World Records,
                                                              1 Tour,
                                                              Millions of Fans,
                                            One Band, One Dream,