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Anna*'s Favorite Quotes

 But the truth is, i could spend my whole life getting over you.




dresses comfy, his hair; disheveled and black like his eyes.

being around him,

i felt my loose hands clench.

 my skin blew up with fire and the song of spring

traced along the winter air that intensified as our gaze almost embraced..

i sometimes purse my lips and other times,

i laugh so loud that i can't hear.his breaths of ease and insecurity.

we seem nervous and silent like

everyone else. But we are enigmatic and

bold and speak through moving eyelids.


he is a   boy

 and a little bit more.




I’ll keep you locked in my head
 unTIL we meeT aGaIn, anD
i won’t forget you my friend.

"sometimes i look at pictures of you and it doesn't
hurt. sometimes the remembering is like landing on
my feet on the concrete after a fall: no sting, no blood.
and sometimes it's like a firecracker in my chest goes
off and i think, 'we were in love here' and it hurts. oh 
god, it's agony."


"no matter the distance between us, you are not out of my mind-you are on it. always." 

sorry that i can't believe that anybody ever
really starts to fall in love with me

i've been hoping somebody loves you in the ways i couldn't


"That guy you're waiting for.
What if he finally kissed you,
and you felt absouletly nothing?"
                          -best guy friend.


It's been a long time since.
( hollow )

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