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Quotes by urmyeverything0109

I had closed the door that entered my heart,
A place under lockdown and in quarentine from the start.

No thief could break in, no locksmith could pick,
No one could open it, not with just any trick.

I graved the key and threw it so far and so hard,
Corrupted inside and consumed by a war.

But then, so divine and so perfect, came down from above,
An angel of love, someone I was so undeserving of.

You managed, you searched and you found,
The key to my heart and entered without making a sound.

I opened my eyes at a distance, I see you with a shine,
With fear inside, I've never seen someone so pretty and divine.

How did you get in? inside a door with a powerful lock?
Not saying a word, or bothered to knock?

Where has this key been been for all these years?
Then all of a sudden, it mysteriously appears.

After all this time, I've figured it out,
I finally know who this key is about.

So if the day comes, that you must part,
You'll take it with you, the key to my heart.

Because the key has always been you,
Something so precious, so loving and new.

So for all that you are, I thank God above,
For all that you've given, your kindness and love.

Baby I give you this key, they key of my heart,
Because I know nothing or no one can tear us apart.

*my boyfriend wrote this for me on my birthday, I thought it was cute* <3

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need

truly madly deeply-savage garden

[&+ if you were ti  ask me ,
what i was
thankful for this year;;
i would smile and say.. him.]
no question marks,
no exclamation points,
and no " b u t s ".
I love you, flaws and all.
bottom line.
no questions asked

not mine;; i liked it and wanted to save it

&&&, her story was so hard.
its was kind of tragic; almost like Romeo and Juliet
only it was her parents who didn't like him.
but she didn't care
because they couldn't control who she loved
&+ nothing would break them apart.

&+ the only thing that matters to her is that
she loves him and he loves her back

I wanna love like Johnny and June,
Rings of fire burnin' with you,
I wanna walk the line,
Walk the line,
'Till the end of time,
it wasn't over,
it still isn't over.

if i tell you
i love you
can i keep
you forever.
a woman knows when a man looks into her eyes and sees someone else.