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I'm blonde...but can be clever when I want to be....I love lollys and hate people who eat loudly!...........I used to let life get me down........I had reason.....but I figure we only live once!! At least I hope so...

Quotes by urnotreal

Most girls would rather walk the road to hell in heels...than get beamed up to heaven in flats
People are always going to talk...so why not give them something to talk about
The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine
Bees are smart,
Bees are buzzy,
And when they get wet,
Bees are fuzzy.
Pink’s Wedding Vows – I love you because I let you hold my heart and you didn’t break it
God made coke,
God made pepsi,
God made me so f***** sexy.
God made trees,
God made lakes,
God made you...
Well we all make mistakes.
No man is worth your tears,
And the one who is,
Won't make you cry.
If a kiss was a snowflake,
I'd send you a blizzard.
If I die,
And go somewhere far,
I'll write your name,
On every star.
So all the angels,
Then can see,
Just how much,
You mean to me.
You had to be there to appreciate the full comical value of the situation