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I'm blonde...but can be clever when I want to be....I love lollys and hate people who eat loudly!...........I used to let life get me down........I had reason.....but I figure we only live once!! At least I hope so...

Quotes by urnotreal

Nobody cares, nobody cares!

I guess you had to be there...
Fender in Robots - Ve are leaving in a huff
Scene *Nice Restaurant*
Flick peas at someones head till they turn around, and then yell "Pea War!!"
Lee Evans - Maybe sometime in the morning, maybe sometime in the afternoon...or maybe not at all
Lee Evans - Ooo, hes mugging you!! He' taking all your money!!!
Don't give me that dirty look, you're not pretty enough to pull it off
We only live once...at least I hope so.....I'm not putting up with this twice
You can close your eyes and block your ears,
But you can't lose the pain and stop the tears.
The Wedding Date - You should send God like, a bottle of wine, or some quiche or something...