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The last time I checked…
It wasn’t
To not have lost your virginity
Yet. ;)

A love story Part 2.
I left again.
Back to Vancouver.
Expecting to mend my broken heart.
All i did was miss you even more.
I came back today,
Expecting my friends to pick me up,
Instead i find that the airport is near empty.
I stand in silent chatters between families.
I call my friends,
They don’t pick up.
I call my parent’s
I get the machine.
I decide to look at my phone pictures.
I come against a picture of US.
Or at least, what we used to be.
I smile, tears in my eyes.
I delete the picture.
Tears burn my eyes,
I gasp in frustration.
Without thinking I start walking.
My head hanging low,
My fists are digging into the handles of my luggage.
I pick up the pace.
My breath harder,
My strides become longer.
My heart weaker…
My steps shorter…
“Be careful, you might run into my arms.”
I don’t hear the voice.
I hear the words.
I run into the arms, without knowing who it is.
I cry…With all i have left…
I look ahead.
Seeing everyone smile.
My family, my friends.
Who am i hugging?
It’s You.
A love story...
I was strong enough to let go.
We broke up on the phone,
I was in the west coast, u were in Toronto.
When i got back, i was devastated,
 I had nothing to come back to.
I smiled small,
But stood tall, when i saw my best friends coming my way.
I saw you at the studio,
We officially called it quits.
I gave you our last kiss.
Then i let you go to her.
She was my good friend,
Who got everyone on her side,
I don’t blame you…
She’s beautiful.
But if you were to take a second look,
The tears in my eyes,
The rasp in my voice, when i spoke,
And all the dark make-up.
You would see,
What a mess I am.
I’m sorry to rant on and on.
But this is the only way to get through.
Dear Diary,
I wrote my name in blood,
I smeared it on my walls,
I wrote your name,
I wrote a will,
I left my best friend my favourite necklace,
I also left the police the reason i committed suicide.
"I'd rather have pain One last time then ever be hurt again, over and over, and over."
I told him today;
“I love you.”
His answer:
“Aw sweetie, that’s funny.”
I told my best friend a few days after.
My best friend told me:
Stop crying over him.
That guy is a total douche for saying that to you.
And not realizing you meant it.
Little did he know…?
I was talking about him.
You know i was a dark soul before i met you.
You changed my point of view.
I hung out with the bad crowd,
but never got into trouble.
I never wanted to be with them......
But i felt better there...
Until i met you.
You asked me,
"Are you ok? You look sad."
Then you placed your hand on my cheek.
You saw the red in my eyes.
The tear stained cheek.
You talked to me...........
You changed me that day.
It’s not an easy choice.
Do you think i like it?
I kind of have no choice.
I need to do this.
I’m sorry you may hate me.
I’m sorry im not “Little Miss Perfect.”
I am truly sorry,
“The red marks leave scars…
That outline ur name.”
I dunno why….
But when i hear the word;
It doesn’t feel right.
I think they should switch it to;
Yeah……..that feels better.


Sometimes i wonder......
If loving YOU
Is even worth my time.