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vKist1203's Favorite Quotes

My room was clean,
until i had to decide what to wear.


Me: I'm too full to eat anymore.
Food: You sure?
Me: No.

I want to be your favorite hello
& your hardest goodbye.

It's all fun and games
until you see a picture of yourself from the 6th grade.

Toilet (noun) - Something that only clogs at a friend's house.  
Awkward (adjective) - Accidentally 'liking' your crush's status from two years ago on Facebook.
Ice cream truck (noun) - Something worth running after.
Anticipation (noun)  - 11:10.
Bucket List #11

Name your kid Waldo. This way, when he is absent from school, the teacher will say "Where's Waldo?"
Bucket List #22

Follow a family around a tourist attraction so that I appear in all their photos, when they look back.