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my name is Abby and my quotes are inspired by my life and personal experiences, but some i find from others and i just have to share them. i play volleyball and take dance lessons. 
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Being in a relationship with a guy is kinda crazy. Sometimes you're in love with him, sometimes you want to kill him, but in the end he always knows how to make you smile.

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When we pass in the hallway, our eyes always meet;
will we ever be more than a suggestive stare?


okay....so maybe you're not

but your pretty close ;)

 ddd  does it seam to anyone else that summer just started and now it like over. 

That moment in HSM3
When Troy and Chad finish singing "The Boys are Back" and all the random backup dancers just


I love the fact that even though I have a
boyfriend;I still feel the need to look at every cute guy that walks by
I then feel really guilty about it later.

was meant for popsicles & lemonade
Just because you can;
doesn't mean you should.
And even if you do;
always remember the mistake you just made.
how come everytime i go bra shopping; there just happens to be  at least one hott guy present? why does this always happen to me?
How come all the cute guys can be total jerks; but the dorky ones are usually the sweetest  guys around?
is it because the jerky guys think they are too good for us and the dorky guys can't get a girl to begin with?
They say age doesn't matter when it comes to love;
but they also say to wait to til your older to find love.
somebody is clearly not telling us the real truth here.