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my name is Abby and my quotes are inspired by my life and personal experiences, but some i find from others and i just have to share them. i play volleyball and take dance lessons. 
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eace out

Being in a relationship with a guy is kinda crazy. Sometimes you're in love with him, sometimes you want to kill him, but in the end he always knows how to make you smile.

Quotes by vOlleyballdOll

am I the only one /////
who thought the dork
that liked me was a /////
loser; than a few months
later, I ended up liking
him back? /////

My dad always says
"Boys only put you on a pedistool to look up your skirt"
what happens when... 
You're in love with your best friend? {and you think he's in love with you too} You stay up late texting him and realize when you wake up in the morning that you only got an hour of sleep? He sits with you at lunch instead of his guys? He wraps his arms around your waist and whispers "hello" in your ear? He stares at you and doesn't look away when you catch him? He tells you he missed you when you're not at school? He smiles and waves when he sees you in the hall? When he asks you out?

You say "Yes" to this awesome guy!
I think I'm in love...
with the smartest,  funniest, cutest, dorkiest loser I've ever met,
but it's okay because he likes me too.
someday; my prince will come.... 
....The biggest lie I've ever heard.
Don't you just hate it;
when you've been in school with guy since kindergarten, and you just now realized that you

l.o.v.e. h.i.m.

*just venting*

Twilight is not Twilight without him.
Edward is cold...Jacob is hot.
Manly...Edward sparkles(self explanatory).

Jacob...even his name is hot.
Abs...what has he got? An eight pack!
Obsess over him.
Buff....come on have you seen him.

so my friend saw New Moon last weekend;
and when Jacob took his shirt off, and all the girls screamed     .      .     .      he said,
"Why are you guys screaming? I see that every morning when I look in the mirror."

*I laughed so hard, I started crying*
Don't you just hate it,
when your "friend" tells you this guy likes you...
after you finally get over him

*Story of my life*
E| Maybe I get jealous when[(  y  o  u  '  r  e  )] hand in handE|
E| and maybe I get a little bit more Jealous when she kisses 
E| your face. Maybe I'm a raging green monster when  s  h e
E| says "I love you!" in front of me on purpose. but when-------
E| she breaks your heart...I'll be jumping at the chance to  .  E|

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