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my name is Abby and my quotes are inspired by my life and personal experiences, but some i find from others and i just have to share them. i play volleyball and take dance lessons. 
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eace out

Being in a relationship with a guy is kinda crazy. Sometimes you're in love with him, sometimes you want to kill him, but in the end he always knows how to make you smile.

Quotes by vOlleyballdOll

when all those hott guys walk by &+
smile at me, i'm wonder if they think
i'm hot or they are laughing at me.

*no kidding, this happened to me yesterday

isn't it amazing?
how you spend
the whole school year
doing crazy things
like laughing louder
than you normally
would, flirting with
guys you would never
like, bursting out in
song, and dancing
in the class and that
one boy you've liked
since forever still
doesn't notice you.

*oh you know me just venting*

}i thought that you loved me{
but now... i guess i'm lucky if you even
remember my
...well i guess that's what i get for
giving you my
pass it.
set it.
pound it.
+& there she goes
acting all sweet but
we all know behind
our backs she a
b          i           t           c           h

*just venting*

maybe i'm that Girl . . .
who plays that same old song in her room over and over again and
dances around just because it reminds her of 
                                Y O U


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