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Quotes by valentino97

I wish
I wish you would just hit me

Physically abuse me

Instead of this psychological bullshit.

At least then you’d be able to see

See the damage 

See my pain

At least then you’d know.

Bruises, cuts, broken bones,

They heal.

I’m broken

And no amount of ice can bring down my swelling 

No amount of stitches can repair my wounds
I’m broken 

And I don’t know how to fix myself anymore. 
I wish you would just hit me

At least then I’d be able to heal

I can't help it sometimes,
Wanting the world to stop.

I feel like I'm screaming but no one can hear me.
I feel like I'm expected to behave, trapped within the walls of a glass box.
And on some days I do.
I put on a smile and sit through the days as if everything is ok.
But some days I don't.

The walls are closing in on me
And I'm screaming
I know I'm screaming
But they will not stop.
Louder. Still screaming.
The more I struggle
The harder it becomes to breathe
Somebody help me.
I Need

It's like I'm trapped in a well, screaming for help;
lost in the middle of nowhere.
The wall around me is crumbling, the world is caving in;
I scream louder.
I beg.
A storm is brewing, the water is rising;
I am drowning.
Trapped in a well, screaming for help;
ere is no one.
Walls caving in, world shattering;
I scream louder.

Do you ever feel invincible?
Like you can do anything,
Sometimes I feel invincible
Like I can take on the world,
But then reality hits
I come crashing back like,
waves against the shore.
I am not invincible.

We are not invincible.
You are my definition of perfection; you're impossible. You are an angel
You are a devil
You are an infection
Everything about you is beautiful
Your eyes pierce my skin like daggers
Your smile breaks my heart
Yet somehow my mind never changes
You are my definition of perfection; you're impossible

Maybe I was reaching too high
Couldn’t get a grip
The fall was inevitable
The fall is inevitable
You are my definition of perfection; you're impossible
Still clinging to an idea
Still grasping for some sort of hope
You are my definition of perfection; you're impossible
I'm so selfish
I shouldn't make you uncomfortable
I'm awkward, I'm annoying
I'm unhappy with myself.
I am the definition of a monster; I am nothing
Ehh don’t worry mom and dad… it’s not like I’ve been limping around since Monday because it physically hurts to walk regular. And of course mom I’d love to spend the day tomorrow walking around, when clearly you can tell I’m not in pain.  Oh and I’ll be fine theres no need for you to take me to the doctor or anything. So thanks for really looking out for me. I appreciate it

Please sign my twitition

Stop @plasticbieber

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It's a horrible feeling, to notice the signs of someone's unhappieness and struggle to live... after the fact. I feel stupid, ashamed; this could've been stopped. Sooo many people cared and yet we don't know if they changed their mind.  I feel like I'm in some kind of limbo; the unknown is tearing me apart. Lauren you didn't know me, but now I feel like I know you. I've realized that witty is a place where you can let out your emotions; a small cry for help, in need of someone to talk to. Just by reading someone's quotes it gives insight into their emotions, their life. I wish I could've been there for you, I cry every time i read your last post, you didn't know me, but I understand you.
I reallly wish you changed your mind. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  
It is a sad and disgusting world when anyone ends their own life. Knowing that there is a reason behind it makes the matter even worse. Why is society so vicious? Why can't people see the lasting affect they have on other people? It makes me sick to think of the amount of young people who struggle to survie. It makes me even sicker to think of the kind of things that had to happen to them in order for death to become a more positive soultion than anything else.
I know the world is not a perfect place, but the small things we can do to make it better do help. One person can be the deciding factor of someones life, a small action that may seem insignificant can destroy  person's self esteem, mind and spirit. Think Before You Act.... you never know what kind of chain reaction you can start, whether it be positive or negative