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Hey there! If you're reading this, it looks like you've stumbled upon what's basically my high school diary. It's been many years since I wrote the quotes on here and it's almost surreal to think about how much has changed since then.

Looking back, I wish I could tell myself that I was on to something whenever I hopefully thought about my future. I'd tell younger me that I'm proud of her for all the hard work she's put in and that it'll all be worth the effort someday, many of the things she dreamed of achieving have turned out great thanks to that. I'd tell her that she definitely deserves to be around people who love and appreciate her, just like her best friends did (and still do!). And I'd also say that I know she struggles a lot with her feelings for boys who never seem to like her back, but that she'll meet a great guy when the time is right. It won't always be easy, but she'll get the relationship she's always dreamed of having, and he'll be cuter than all her other crushes even if it's hard for her to imagine!

High school had its ups and downs, now that I'm older I look back on the fun memories with friends and the funny events that always seemed to happen around campus. But I never really wish I could go back to it, because just as I suspected back then, there's so much more out there in the world and I had only experienced a small sliver of what life had to offer. I wish I could give my younger self a big hug, buy her ice cream and reassure her everything will be okay! I think if she met me she'd admire me very much and be amazed by all the things she's accomplished since her Witty days. If you're a high schooler reading this, I hope you can somehow believe your future self would want to do the same for you right now, too. She loves you very much and believes in you more than you'd ever know!

I hope you enjoy reading through my quotes! The early 2010s were definitely a fun time to be a teenager!

Quotes by valerieexrainbowss

We all fall for the sweet words, the cute texts, the long hugs and the feeling that they actually care. Foolish we all are, because in the end it was all for show.

They never really cared.




I hope that

everything you have wished for has come true,
even the wishes you do not remember wishing for,
and even the wishes you have tried to avoid wishing for,
for those are the mightest
                                                      of all wishes.


As it turns out, I keep grabbing that sweater

from my closet and smelling it just to remind myself that last night wasn't just a dream. I guess it still smells like you. Kind of. That sweater - my favorite one, black with lace in the back, an adjustable 3/4 sleeve length, and a bit of a ruffle on the bottom - classy - was laying in a little ball in my bed last night. I'd say that I slept with it, except that I didn't really sleep much. I went to bed at 12 AM or so and woke up an hour later, not to fall back asleep again until 6 AM. I wasn't even tired, I don't think. I was just kind of laying there, with headphones in my ears, trying to comprehend what had happened, whether or not it was really real... was it real? It was real. Or at least it felt like it was. Dr. Seuss once said that when you can't sleep, it's because reality is finally better than your dreams. And I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't sleep. So I just kind of laid there for a few hours. Kind of kept trying to recreate in my head what had happened, tried to remind myself that it was really real. At 2:30 AM one of my friends messaged me on Facebook, and as it turned out she was just as awake as I was, so I called her. And I told her everything.

I told her about how I walked into the crowded theater lobby with another one of our friends, stuck thinking, "This is it, this is really it, this is going to be it." The moment I had thought about vaguely for about two months now and in greater detail for the past two weeks. It was planned. Kind of. Except that I couldn't have even imagined it being as great as it was. But anyway, my friend and I had been wandering around the lobby, waiting for someone... and of course my friend, being at least 4 inches taller than me and wearing wedge sandals on top of that, saw him first. I was in the middle of talking to her and then she just told me, "Look." And I looked. And he was there. My friend prodded me - "Go say hi!" - and I told her, "I know, I will, just let's wait a bit." So we waited, and as we waited we slowly made our way through the crowd, and over the course of a few minutes the crowd got a bit smaller, and smaller, and smaller... and then, I called his name. And he looked. And I ran over to him, and he held me, and it was beautiful. He held me for a long time. I don't know how long of a time it was. Maybe ten seconds, maybe a minute, but it was a long time, and it was beautiful. We hadn't seen each other in two months. Actually, this was only the second time we had seen each other, altogether. In the interim we had been living off of half-hearted text messages and Facebook chats. I've only had a few words on a screen to read into. I've only had a Facebook profile to look at. There had been glitches and misunderstandings because technology is weird and really can't be everything. But this - this was everything. We just put our arms around each other and held on tight. In between this we talked a bit, though I can only vaguely paraphrase what we said - I mentioned something about how the backflips he did in the show were really cool, and I think he said something about being glad that I was there, or reassured me that he was here, or something... and I asked if I'd get to see him again after that night, and he said that I will. For two months I had been living off of dimly-lit screens in the dark, and here I was actually hearing his voice again. And then he started rubbing my back and just somehow reassuring me that everything was going to be okay, it was all going to be okay, we were going to be okay. And at the point where we were about to let go, almost, we both just ended up holding each other even tighter. I was just glad that he was there. He was actually there. He was glad that I was actually there. We were happy. And this was everything. And everything was beautiful.

Eventually we did let go, and I introduced him to my friend, and he gave her a quick hug - but nothing like the one we had just shared. And later, when she and I were outside waiting for her parents to pick us up, she reminded me: "He gave me a normal hug, but what he gave you... that was a special hug. That definitely meant something." It wasn't as if I didn't know - she just wanted to remind me of the fact. She wanted me to believe that he cared. I wanted to believe that, too, and yeah, I guess I do. Kind of. He is an actor, after all. And I guess you could give a hug and on the outside make it look like it was really special, even if it wasn't. That's one thing. But you can't give a hug like that and fake it actually meaning something... he and I both knew it meant something. It had to have meant something. It couldn't have just been nothing. That wasn't nothing.

That was everything.
And it legitimately was a dream come true.




We gain strength
when someone offers, by words and actions,
a safe haven: "I will be here. I am interested in
you. Come what may, I will actively support you."


— Myers' Psychology

best friend: I broke my phone
me: oh, how'd you manage to do that this time?
me: gave it to your sister?
me: dog tried to eat it?
me: dropped it in the toilet?
me: mom ran it over with her car?
me: left it on the stove?
me: dropped it in the flaming pits of hell?
best friend:
best friend:
best friend:
best friend:
it fell on the stairs
me: hmm. well, that's a new one

haha. love you, Lily <3

"There is not one guy here that I would even consider going on a date with.
There's not even half a guy here that I would date."

the Kardashian sisters me, at school

4 out of 5
agree that
"We should totally get
coffee sometime soon!"
"We are never going to
get coffee. We are just being
polite to make this interaction
less awkward."

Well aren't you just a little ball of sketch.
I've never been to a New Year's party.

But why would I want to spend the night with a bunch of random people - most of which I might care less about - when I can spend it at home on the couch with my family, who has been there for me throughout my entire life?

Why should I spend it getting wasted and disrespecting myself and my morals when I can spend it watching the ball drop in Times Square, and calling all of my best friends immediately afterward?

Why should I spend it kissing a guy when I'll have many, many more New Years in the future to kiss a guy when the clock strikes?

This year, why not spend it with my family instead?

Boys will come and go, but my family will always love me.

I'll have the future to go to parties - for starters, I'll be surrounded by them in college;

and, besides,

no one lives forever.

By the way, happy new year.
Social Media Resolutions 2013

• I will let some experiences remain my own, rich with personal meaning.
• I will not communicate my emotions through passive-aggressive tweets or status updates, but deal with them head-on.
• I will not Instagram food, except in rare, exhilarating circumstances, like if a goat in overalls is eating spaghetti.
• I will mute and fully ignore my phone during meals and conversations.
• I will not pull out my phone aimlessly while the cashier rings me up, just to avoid sharing a moment with a stranger.
• I will not point out when things are "awkward," because ultimately pretty much everything human is awkward.
• I will occasionally remove my headphones while in transit, and let the world know I am willing to acknowledge and experience it.
• I will sometimes start conversations and not just wait for them to start.
• I will not take anything I see online too seriously.
• I will block, unfollow, and ignore online antagonists. I will not reward trolls, bullies, or jerks with attention of any kind.
• I will not follow my crushes on Twitter or Facebook. I will not cyber-stalk, or leave myself vulnerable to digital information that will make me upset in the real world.
• I will support artists, musicians, and authors whose work I enjoy by occasionally trading my money for their creations.
• I will not use hashtags as a crutch when I can't think of a better way to end a tweet or Instagram caption.
• I will not let the Internet be the final thing I see before I go to sleep.

(Taken from the SparkLife blog. Slightly edited.)
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