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there are diamonds in my bones
but please don't break me.
Iva - 16 - don't make me sad
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Quotes by *Vampire*

Of all extreme sports I like honesty, because not everyone can do it.


I was always the one who waited.
And I waited for him, like no one before.
Every night I would lay in my bed,
covering myself in blankets, imagining his hands around me.
And slowly falling into sleep, I was overwhelmed from all our memories, touches, smiles...
But then I realized.
It was enough.
He crossed the limit.
All those memories became nightmares or dreams that will never become true.
That's why I gave up.
I stopped waiting for him,
even tho I was best at it.


She cried, but I knew those big drops on hear face, so called tears, are just signs of relief.
She got rid of me, even tho I left her. 

There's no more sleepless nights, texts in the middle of the night,
missed calls, hidden looks - nothing.
There's no drunken feeling that will encourage me to
call you, no love that will bring me back to you,
no memories that will make me want you all over again.
In last sentences to you, I want to write the things
I never dared to tell you before...
- I loved you, even when I swore I don't.
- Your every cold word hurt me.
I was acting strong, so I just smiled and the same night cried myself
to sleep.
- I was ready to forgive you everything, every ugly thing you said.
When everyone left, I was still on your side.
- I was ready to run away with you, whenever, wherever;
leaving everything behind me.
- You were the only guy who could have me anytime, 
play with me like a doll, throw me away like a toy.
- Because of you, I learned that I can give everything and 
get nothing back.
I could get everything I want, but not what I need.
- You were special, stubborn, cold. You were so many things,
but you were my favorite.
- You were... But you aren't anymore.


you know, i used to think that you were the best thing
that ever happened to me but now i think that you 
might be the worst thing and i'm sorry i ever met you.

~silver linings playbook~

i am strong but love is evil.

~The pretty reckless~

i am not enough, 
i am never enough.

if you really knew me...

you would know i have never gotten the guy i like.
i fall for them and end up flat on my face. i know
it's never going to really happen for me. there
will always be someone better. and if it happens?
it will be a miracle. people wonder why am i 
always alone, it's because i'm the girl who can 
never win.

if you really knew me...

you'd know that sometimes i need more than just
"i love you", you'd know that i want to feel beautiful, 
you'd know that i want you to tell me straight out how 
you feel
about me, how you feel about us. if you really 
knew me, you'd know that i love you with all my heart
but i just want you to show me that you love me too.
i want you to show me there's no girl who can compare 
to me, no one else for you. i want to be the only one.
sadly, i'm not, nor anything of this will ever happen.

if you really knew me...

you'd know I'm falling apart, barely breathing
with a broken heart. why did you do this to me?