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Unfortunately, some people

cannot deal with being "just friends."



You see in society

as pathetic as it may seem, looks determine your total existence.



Guess you lose some

and you win some, long as the outcome is income.



Everybody dies

but not everybody lives.




is just love and hate at the same time.

Don't you see it, boy?
The way her face lights up when you talk to her?

Her heart melts when you give her that smile.

You mean something special to her. But, in reality, you aren’t.

You’re just another douche bag guy that will break her heart.


i wish i could go back

to when no one knew i liked him.

when my best friend didn't know,

when he didn't know;

and when i didn't even know.



format credit; vanessabeansx3




just because her eyes don't tear,

 doesn't mean her heart will cry. 
just because she comes off strong,

doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.     



format credit; vanessabeansx3


if i could reach up and hold a star

 for all the times you've made me smile;

the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.



format credit: vanessabeansx3


i love it when my friends call me pretty,
i really, honestly do.
 but all i really want is to
hear it come out of his lips.


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