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Hey I'm (clearly) Vanessa.
I have been on witty for around a year,but never made a profile until now.
I love witty! I love to see what people have to say.
I change my profile pretty often and I gotta say I enjoy doing that. :)

Now this is where I make a list of things that I like:
Basketball, Lakers, Yellow (obviously), Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Weheartit,Jordans, smiley faces, smiling, my iPad, converse, and a bunch of other things that I'm too lazy to type.
I have very,very curly, brown hair, am 5'4''?, and a bright smile.
I love life, a people person, friendly, and not afraid to speak what's on my mind.
I am a freshmen barely starting high school.
I consider myself smart, not a fast thinker.
But enough about me....comment on my profile and talk about yourself.
I love meeting new people!! :D
Visit Stefunny here on witty. She is my cousin. :)

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P.S. Most of my quotes are made by me and they are things that just pop up into my brain, so please no hate and enjoy my quotes!! :D

P.P.S If I ever take any of your quotes or layouts and I don't give credit, please tell me. I love giving credit to the people who deserve it!!

P.P.S.S I love reading your stories so feel free to ask me if I want to read your stories. I always say yes!

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Quotes by vanessacp3

Chapter 1
I know this isn't pretty like all my other quotes are,but please take the time to read this. I just started writing this story. Please comment if you like it. I'd be glad to notify you too. I don't have a title yet so for now we'll call this vanessacp3's story. ;)

Great. More boxes.
This is the only downside to moving. Packing. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a different place to go to because having to live in the same house all your life must seem boring, but packing all your things in boxes is the most boring thing ever.
Also, my mom starts panicking about how all our stuff is going to fit in our new house.
So as I grabbed the boxes from my mom’s hand, she said, “What do you think? Is everything gonna fit?”
I said what I always said in these kinds of situations, “Yes, mom. Everything will fit. Trust me.
You see, my mom is one of those neat freaks. She’s the kind of person that wants everything completely organized.
I, on the other hand, don’t care where everything goes or is supposed to go.
It’s not that I’m a really messy person. It’s just that I don’t really care if something’s out of place.
So today as I was putting the last minute details to the new house, my mom said, “Selina, you forgot  to close the cabinet door. How many times do I have to tell you.”
I went to close it. As I closed it, I saw my favorite DVD. It was the movie “Selena”. It’s a movie about the Mexican-American singer name Selena Quintanilla-Perez.  So I put the DVD into the DVD player.
I started to get into the music so I started dancing to one of the songs. Just at that moment, my mom slams the door open. Standing next to her was my cousin, Kylie.
That’s right. I was right in the middle of dancing to the beat when she had to open the door.
I quickly began to shuffle around like I was looking for something.
My mom didn’t seem to notice, but Kylie did. And by the look of her face, it seemed like she was about to cry of laughter.
Hola, mija. Kylie wanted to see the new house so I brought her over as a surprise. Surprise!”
“Wow. Thanks Mom,” I said, “Hey Kylie.”
“Hey,” she said, trying to hold in the laugh.
“Ok girls. I’m going to go make some arroz con frijoles,” my mom said.
“What the heck were you just doing,” Kyle said.
“Nothing,” I said as I quickly turned off the TV.
“Were you just dancing to “Selena”?”
“Wow. You’re like obsessed with her.”
The truth is I am. I love her music, voice and style.
And yes, my name does come from her. Except my mom wanted my name to be original so she put an “i” instead of an “e”.
I know everyone in the world dislikes their name, but I don’t. I like the fact that I’m named after a super cool girl that now passed away, but is still remembered through her music.
Oh shoot. I just remember that Kylie just saw me dancing to “Selena”. What do I do? What do I say? What do I…
“So, are you nervous for high school,” Kylie said. She is going into the 8th grade so she likes talking about this.
But I really don’t want to talk about this, but unless I want her to bring up about me dancing to “Selena”, I have to go with this.
“No. Not really. I mean it’s not a big deal. The only thing that I’m worried about is getting lost. That’s it. Do you wanna go channel surfing and look to see is the Dream Team are playing.”
“Sure. If I were you, I would be kind of nervous. I mean, the high school is like huge.”
The ringing of the phone interrupted her. I checked to see who it was. Ugh. It’s Brandy.
I really don’t wanna talk to anyone else. She’s gonna talk about what she’s doing over the summer, and if I wanna hang out, and how here summers going great and ask me how my summer’s going…and it’s just too much. I really just wanna talk to Kylie.
“It’s Brandy. Should I answer it?” I said.
“If you want.”
Ugh. Typical Kylie. That girl never gives me yes or no answers.
So I answer  the phone.
“Selina! How you doing?!”
“All good. You?”
“I’m having so much fun! I went on a cruise and it’s really fun. You should’ve come!” You should’ve invited me.
“Wow. That sounds like fun…”
“Selina!” my mom yelled from downstairs.
“Uh oh. Umm Brandy, I gotta go. My mom is calling.”
“Aww man. Already? You never seem able to talk,” Brandy says.
Dang it. I’m starting to feel bad.
“Umm Brandy. I’ll call you back later. Is that ok?” I said.
“ Yeah. I guess. Ok bye.”
“Bye.” I hang up.
“Selina!” my mom calls from downstairs.
“Coming!” I yell, “Com on Kylie.”
“Ok”,Kylie said.
“Dude my mom saved my life right there. Brandy would’ve kept on talking for hours,” I said to Kylie as we were going downstairs.
“Oh shoot. I gotta go, Sel,” Kylie said, “My mom said I had to be back before one. Sorry. Bye Sel. Bye Tia!”
The she opened the door and left.
Out of nowhere, I said, “Thanks, mom”.
“For what, mija.”
“Just for being there when I need you.”
And for saving me in a conversation that I don’t wanna hear.



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