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Hi! I'm Ellie,

Soo, not much to me I guess. I'm in 8th grade and 14 years old. My b-day is on April 15, 1997. I am an Athiest and if you believe in God, fine with me. I have hazel eyes and crazy dirty blonde hair. I love the rain, PhotoBucket, anime, animals, my kitty (up there), amazing quotes, Witty Profiles, drawing, reading, and writing poetry. I hate spiders, creepy vans, bitches, jockers, mold, lairs, people pretending that they are ugly when they aren't, and haters (of-a-course!). My fav book is In the Woods. For music I like anything except Justin Beiber and some rappers. I can be bitchy if you are, so if you play nice, I play nice. Follow, comment, fav a quote or all of them...your choice:).



^^if you give me a rose it's greatly appericiated!! if not, comment and tell me what I need to work on so i can make better quotes! -thanks