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Hi my name is Mackenzie and I'm obsessed with dinosaurs, I want to be a paleontoligist when I'm older. My favourite dinosaur is the velociraptor, not surprisingly, my favourite movie is Jurassic Park and my favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. I'm a very quiet person but once you get to know me I speak my mind. :D

Quotes by velociraptors_are_awesome

Sick of crying, given up trying. Smile on the outside but inside I'm dying.
God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs. God creates Man, Man kills God. Man brings back  dinosaurs, Dinosaurs kill man. Woman inherits the Earth.

~ Jurassic Park ~
"A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying...'Damn, that was fun!'"
A few days/weeks ago at school...

Friend: "Why do you have numbers written on your hand?"

Me: "It was for my homework.."

Friend: "Oh, that must have been.....handy!"

*We both laugh*

Both: "That was the worst joke ever told..."
*random person; "Sup?"

*me; "your weight"
My friends think I'm childish

                     that's the last time we build forts together!

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” - Albus Dumbledore
Cool story bro, needs more hippogriffs.
The awkward moment when a guy at
                 the pool has bigger boobs than you...
Friends are like boobs, some are small, some are big. Some are real and some are fake.