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Quotes by vibes

apparently sharing my opinion makes me a "hater"??
well ok then 
just because you are having a bad day or something goes wrong it doesn't mean you're 'depressed'
or 'suicidal'
if you can actually be "saved" by someone you aren't depressed.
depression is a mental disorder.
m e n t a l d i s o r d e r 
thats like saying you have been saved by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or even dyslexia.
there is a difference between being a normal teenager, or a normal person that gets sad.
i bet you if i were to ask every single person in the world, they would say they have felt like they wanted to die before.
so literally stop saying your life has been "saved" on this website or even in real life. or that you've "saved" someone.
because if it was that easy for an average person with average intellegence to save you, then everyone in the world would be "happy" and nobody would have anything wrong.
like honestly if a 14 year old girl on the internet has 'saved your life' then there was nothing wrong with you to begin with.

every day i wake up and decide to ruin one person’s day
im suiciding because pigglywiggly and joebro pushed me to the edge </33333
if you are going to base a friendship on whether or not someone has the same beliefs as you literally just get off this earth
i've been on the internet for awhile now but i've never ran into a 50 year old pedofile who wants to meet me lol am i using the internet wrong??????
how do i undo wittyprofiles
i don't understand the point of putting your sexuality or religion in your about me
like really nobody cares
laughing at people who actually take this website seriously and say they love it o m f g how