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i'm probably the most hearltess person ever because i hate all that sappy sympathetic s.hit like honestly i'd rather just avoid anything that's personal or sad bye
sometimes i just have these moments when i've dreamed something and it happens in real life and i freak out and have an anxiety attack because i know i've been doing the same thing at the same time thinking the same thoughts before
stop using the fact that you self harm as an excuse for everything. don't tell me your life is "bad" and that i can't be rude to you or treat you a certain way because because you might "start" harm yourself. if your life is really that bad that you harm yourself for attenion, you seriously need help. and, if you really did self harm, you don't use it as an excuse. most people who do harm themselves don't talk about it. and some people who harm themselves don't want to be treated differently because they want to try to be as normal as possible with the feelings they are having. so, stop it. you're not getting my sympathy. i'm going to treat you the same as every other person. bye.

if you call yourself "awkward"
you just need to stop
ya i know im judgement and rude and hypocritical but at least i can admit it bye
i don't understand the people on this website.
no, don't tell me you can 'help' or 'counsel' me.
you have your own life, don't ask about mine,
and don't try to fix mine. you probably haven't
even had that much experience in life, unless 
you're a 50 year old on the internet. so, please
stop. most of you who say that are 11 years old.
get off the internet, and enjoy your life, instead
of trying to fix others people's, and do something
with your time instead of being a c.unt, and saying
you'll 'listen' and 'care' even though you give no
input except saying 'stay strong.'

When People Think It's Proper To Capitalize The First F/cking Letter Of Every Word
can u stop u look like an idiot

still crying because i actually figured out the new coding yesterday but i accidently deleted the layout and noW I CANT FIGURE IT OUT ANYMORE