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Quotes by vibes

did steve really have to change the code again




if your about me section is just a collage of pictures of yourself

you need to stop

if you're over the age of 13 and you genuinely think one direction is talented and inspirational then u need to re-evaluate your life


I don't care if you share your opinion but if It's completly stupid,
irrelevant and you can't even prove a point, or listen to my opinion, 
without telling me I'm being "rude," telling me I'm wrong and that
I don't listen to "your side," then I will judge you, and tell you how
wrong and idiotic you are, ok.

if u say 'kbye' or 'kthxbai' after everything you say i'm never speaking to you again


yeah i'm straight
straight up gay

sometimes i just cry because my music taste is perfect

this website is stupid
you're all stupid 


can you stop being a c.unt ok thanks