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Quotes by victoria3197


friends are like flowers<<

[ s o m e t i m e s  t h e y  a r e  r e a l ]
& sometimes

  they're fake

♥boy your so hot that i'm gunna have
  to put you on my

"To-Do" list . 


            Can you take a moment,
                                                promise me this;
                              that you will stand by me forever 
         I said remember this moment
                                                in the back of your mind

when you see my face
i hope it gives you hell.

you may have  

brought sexy back, but

my sexy? 

yeah, it never left.

There is a little part of me that makes me want to be a teacher when I'm older so that I can be that one awesome teacher who everyone loves.

a n d     n e v e r     h a v e    I     t h o u g h t    t  h a t     I     

w o u l d     f a l  l    f o r  
   y o u   


   you got my heartbeat running away♥