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emma scrace


im so happy right now but i havent always been. ive been so low ive sat in bed crying for days on end. i hope this happiness lasts. i cant deal with all the tears again(yn)


Quotes by vintaage

i only forgive you because i dont want to lose you.

and im not even upset, hurt or angry anymore. im just tired. i'm tired of putting in more effort then i recieve. im tired of holding on for nothing. im tired of giving you another chance, im tired of getting my hopes up and then being dissapointed all over again.

Teenagers are arrested.
Teenagers get an STD.
Teenagers are assaulted.
Teenagers drop out of school.
Teenagers become mothers.
Teenagers get an abortion.
Teenagers begin drinking alcohol.
Teenagers begin using drugs.
Teenagers are arrested for drug use.
Teenagers commit suicide.
All in just 1 day.


 -treat life like photography
use the negatives to develop


never call a girl fat.
even if your just joking. 

do you rememeber who you were?
because i do. this isnt,and never will be, you.
you changed yourself completely.
and for what?
friends? popularity?
because, to be honest with you,
its not really working.


i going to find someone someday who might actually treat me well.

and its okay.
its not like i have feelings or anything.

and its dark in a cold december but ive got you to keep me warm. if your broken ill mend you and keep you sheltered from the storm thats raging on now. im out of touch, im out of love. ill pick you up when your getting down.and out of all these things that ive done, i think i love you better now<3