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Going to NY thursday(: 

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Hi beautiful/handsome(: my name is Juliana and I'm 14 years old. I'm a freshman in HighSchool. Lucky me. not. i play volleyball and hockey (: if you ever need someone to talk to im always here comment away(; 
Btw, you can change the title of the box to anything you want.



Quotes by viperchick

have you ever 

had a week that nothing  seemed 

to go right? 

I have. 

Ohana means family.

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.


To succeed you have to

believe in your heart that

you are the best. And the

day you stop believing

that. Well theres the door.


"Don't let anybody define who you are. People will always love you as much as you love yourself."


-The Glee Project

\ I Won't Give Up 

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thinking that one person treats you special but end up seeing them treat every girl the same.

|||||||| Too many teenagers are worried ||||||||

about love and finding it.
||||||||This is the time to find yourself, who you really are, ||||||||
and what yowant to be.


The day;

i first met you

you told me;

you'd never fall in 



S u mmer2012.



Have you ever been so scared to move on. To leave a place that has defined you your whole life. To leave all the friends you have made over the years. To go to a place where you don't know everyone. Yeah. Me Too.