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Quotes by tornedsoul*

Tears were real.
But Onions were blamed.
Lots of complaints texted by her......
His single reply calms her anger.
The worst and the hardest moment in life is when god breaks your trust over and over again.
"It rained heavily last night" said the pillow.
"I love you soo much." she said.
He heard it again and again for the thousandth time.
Because some voice notes are not supposed to be deleted.
"when you find some who makes you come alive never let them go".
"Your eyes told me you loved me long before your words ever did."
Find the one reason why it will work , fight for that.
when you start feeling like you are losing pieces of yourself, it's time to Leave
One day, someone will look at you like you're the most perfect thing they have ever seen. One day you will find someone who won't be able to imagine living their life without you.