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Quotes by tornedsoul*

It's true that every religion has selected one colour, but colour itself has no religion ... yes, sometimes the heart of a human becomes black and he sees religion in colours as well

Every religion teaches us love ... but love doesn't belong to any religion ... love by itself is a religion

If you would have asked even for my life, I would have given that happily ... but you snatched my pride from me
Tell me on whose sword should I put my head to ... if being in love is a mistake then punish me.
I've memorized you like a holy verse from the Quran ... now you will be mentioned like a prayer
i can't believe how could my love become so weak..that it couldn't hold her back. I did everything, tried in every way still what i got was tears. I never expected this, god I never asked for this.
It's like homecoming for me whenever I open my account. It's so familiar here, I can be myself here.Thanks witty.
They fought everyday. Little did she knew those fights will make him more close to her.
She was the reason why he quit smoking.
"A few months later".
She became the reason why he starts smoking again.
Tears were real.
But Onions were blamed.