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hey there(:
my name's vittoria and my birthday's on august 12.
i love my best friends ava, hiyori, marina, meiko, saran, yuri, emilie, alex, and dion.
yuri is especially my best friend though. we do the craziest stuff together (:
she's the european yuri, i'm the asian vitto. apple and tenty forever ♥
i live in japan (in tokyo) since i was in 2nd grade, so since i was really small.
i'm italian though, and no, i don't eat pizza and pasta every day, haha. 
i really like writing quotes, but sometimes i delete mine.
i do this because they're embarrassing to look back at.
i'm not really good with layouts, so my quotes are kinda plain, haha.

chocolate, ponies, cupcakes with lots of frosting, justin bieber, lady gaga, glitter, editing my profile, quotes, facebook, listening to music, watching movies, laughing till i have a 24-pack, looking at zac efron, enrique iglesias, chocolate muffins, chicken, fried chicken, kfc, shopping, shoes, my black sparkly flats, rainbows, smiling, boys, gossiping, sleepovers, annoying my brothers, hugging people, acting weird in public, having everyone call you "the weird girl", life ♥

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Quotes by vittoloveschocolate

Boys don't realise how much calling a girl "fat" can hurt.

Today, this guy called my best friend fat.

She started crying because he hurt her so much, she’s even on a diet because she thinks she’s fat. 

I started a chat with him and he told me “I only said it as a joke.” 

Guys who call girls fat as a joke are sick and mean.

My best friend is not fat at all by the way. All her so called “fat” is muscle. Literally. If she flexes, no part of her body will jiggle. 

Then people wonder why girls starve themselves to death, and why anorexia and bulimia are so common in teenagers.

Words hurt.


I want you. I need you.


my friend and I were hanging out at my house today, and then she had to leave. her sister came to pick her up because she was too scared to walk by herself as it was night, so we said our goodbyes, and she left. as soon as she left, I ran upstairs to go to my room, safe and sound, because I was home alone. I started hearing these sounds of people screaming and scraping at my door, and banging my door. I screamed as loud as I could and I started hyperventilating. I then heard someone laughing so I went and looked through the peephole. it was my friend and her sister, trying to scare me... when I opened the door, my friend said "here, I forgot to give you this money which I stole from you when you told me I couldn't." then, she left, laughing.
I have pretty cool friends :)

true story:)

Hey Greg!
  wanna come over and plaaay?

diary of a wimpy kid:)

you're vain; your games; you're insecure; you love me, you like her; you make me laugh, you make me cry, I don't know which side to buy; your friends, they're jerks, when you act like them, just know it hurts: I wanna be with the one I know; and the seventh thing, I hate the most that you do: You make me love you. 
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But you can't have
a man look at you

for more than five seconds without you being insecure.

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My friend is amazing.
she is one of the nicest people ever, she's pretty and she's smart. she had a crush on this guy, and they were chatting last night. he then told her she was fugly, and told her that everyone in his grade hated her and thought she was ugly. she cried for the whole night and couldn't sleep because she was crying. now, another guy is making fun of her on skype, by making her name his skype name, and his profile picture a really ugly woman. i just think this is wrong. guys need to know that they hurt girls when they do this, and that it's not acceptable to do this sort of thing to girls. guys are dicks.

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The other day,
said hi

to this guy who hated me. He now thinks I'm really nice. See how much a simple hello can
change everything?


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