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WHAT UP! From the bondocks of Chattanooga, (Ohio).
Favorite Song: Atmosphere By Kaskade
Favorite Color: Blue or Black (toss up)
Favorite Place: Snow Bird Resort, Salt Lake City, Uath
Favorite Game: Skyrim
Favorite Shows: Supernatural And The Walking Dead
I work new home construction at Bransteter Builders, ( Its my gpa's company and its family run). I'm part of Parkway FFA and proud of it. I get good grades and I don't play sports but I like to stay in shape tho. I'll listen to any music as long as its not country, I may live in the middle of hick land but i will not listen to their tunes! I LOVE hunting.I drive a big ole F-150. M
y mom jsut got married so now I have a step brother and sister and I'm the youngest which sucks.

Decay *'s Favorite Quotes

This quote does not exist.
have you ever had a really bad day and just wanted to end it all? contemplated the different ways? killed yourself umpteen times in your mind?

Can we take a moment of silence
for all the virginities being lost tonight?

I don't know, my relationship with
my siblings is either,
"Yo I'll help you hide the
body," or "Don't even
breathe in my direction."
There's no in between. 

Our generation 
                      Are going to be the

                                    Weirdest grandparents ever,
                                                         Tattoed up listening to rap and not giving a fvck.
Want to know how I feel? 
I'm energetic during the day because I'm truly happy, but at night I'm 'tired' because dealing with people and their bs takes a lot out of me and leaves me woren out.
Dear person who cuts,
Don't worry
I won't judge you because of your scars
I won't call you names
Or look at you weird
I'll tell you to stay strong
I'm proud of you
For still being here
I know it's hard
I know it's hard to stop
Because the pain feels good
But I'm always here for you
Stay strong
Think of the positives in your life
Find new hobbies
Try new things
It's okay to be in pain
Like I said I won't judge you
And one day I hope things get better for all of you

i'm just done. (:
let me love you.
let me kiss you.
let me miss you.

Friend: You've never heard that song before?
Me: Nope.
Friend: What?! Have you been living under a rock?
Me: Punk rock.