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 Kourtney Watkins would be the name(:
Im offically a teenager(Y)
You can sing && bring me a present on October 21st :D
I've learnt my lessons and I no longer trust anyone(Y)
I don't have a boyfriendd at the moment(Y)
Im always so happy and crazy.
I don't take bullshit so don't start drama(:
If you don't like me, chances are I don't like you either?
Kayyy thanks

Quotes by volleyball_13

it's funny how all of us witty girls say Im movin on and Im not gonna think about him anymore when really every quote we have is about

not my format.
Anybody else wonder how bald people dance to "whip your hair"?(:

It's funny how everybody says "lmao" when nothings even funny? 
Tell her she's your only one
When she is upset, hold her tight
Plαy with her hαir
Pick her up, tαckle her, & wrestle with her
Just tαlk to her
Bring her flowers just becαuse
Hold her hαnd αnd run
Let her fαll αsleep in your αrms
Sing to her, no mαtter how αwful you sound
Get her mαd αt you then kiss her
Tell her she looks beαutiful
When she's sαd, mαke her lαugh
Look into her eyes & smile
Come up behind & wrαp your αrms αround her
Kiss her for no reαson
Kiss her in the rαin
Stαnd up for her
Never tαke her for grαnted
Be true to her
Tell her you love her & meαn it

&+Never let go.
not mine:D
         Without a doubt   . . .
----> In My Mind
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I say  im bor ed at least once(:
<3 if you do too


Why yes I do check behind the shower curtain for serial killers and one day if I were to find one my first reaction would be

Throwing the toliet paper at them and running! 

I   personally   think   
  Witty's not all about making quotes or being someone your not. I think it's a place to express yourselff && get things off your chestt && mind.


Boys treat us girls like
you'd want a boy to treat your sister!

I whip my hair back and  forth :D