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Hey, I'm  Brooklyn & I 'm 14.  && I'm  obsessed with  the beaaaach.  <3

Quotes by volleyballbabe34

That moment when you decide to watch The Ring on Friday the 13th, and you realize with your luck, that creepy girl is most likely going to actually pop out of your TV..
S-T-U-D-Y = [S]inging, [T]weeting, [U]nlimited Texting, [D]reaming, [Y]awning.
My cat raps. His name is
Wiska lifa.
The bra section is the only place you fail if you get an A.

I know a secret about you..

You tell yourself you like someone else, but when you read cute quotes, all you can think about is the guy you 1st loved. </3

My best friend and I are so close that we don't even have to say anything to each other, and we already know what the other is thinking.

You hurt me so bad, so many times but for some strange reason, I want you back.</3
Biggest mistake I made with you?

Telling you I cared so much about you, when I knew you wanted nothing to do with me.

I'm done texting you first, if you really wanted to talk to me, you'd text me.
 Its been more than 5 day, and you still haven't texted me.
I'm done.

"Don you even have friends?"
"YES! All ten seasons..on DVD!"