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heyy this is wacki3jackie wuts up??? nithing new with me just dealing with veryday things as everyone else does...life still does suck but yea w/e

Quotes by wacki3jackie731

He lends me a shoulder
When things get tough
Keeps me in line
When things get rough
Hes not a savior
A saint...
He helps me keep my Faith
When I cry, he wipes my tears
And drowns away all my fears***
Do you LOVE me?
Do you wanna be my FRIEND?
And if you do,
Well than dont be,
Afraid to take me by the hand,
If you want to.
I think this is how LOVE goes,
Check Yes or No
how do i put it like this?
i like you again!!!!
but the only problem is is HER...
would you stay wit her...
or would you break up wit her?
would you start goin out wit me...
or not....
if you did...
would you keep our realationship a secret??
or would everyone no??
that what i wanna no....
do you believe in what everyone else says bout me...
or would you take the rumors to be not true...
do you care more bout your reputation?
or do you care more bout me?
i no if i wuz you
i'd go for the girl...

i thought i new you
i thought you loved me
but ever since you broke up with me
n went out with her
things hav juss not been the same
you wont call me to ask how im doin
like you did when you went out with other gurls BESIDES her
its like she brainewashed you into thinkin
I wAlK tHiS eMpTy StReEt
FiLlEd WiTh PaIn N sTrEsS
NoWiN tHaT i HaD rUiNeD My LiFe
NoWiN ThAt I CoUlDn'T ChAnGe It BaCk
N nOwIn ThAt WuT i DiD wAs RoNg
N tHaT i CoUlDn'T gO BaK n ChAnGe WuT i DiD iN tHe PaSt...