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"S0 What are you d0ing?"

he asked her.

"oh nothing. eating some chocolate.

watching the notebook.

eating spoonfuls of ben&jerrys.

with a few of my besties."

"isnt that what girls do when they are like,

sad?when someone breaks their heart and what not?"

"oh noo."


"you have it all wrong.

the notebook just so happense to be my favorite movie.

I love Ben&Jerrys.

Chocolate is just one of my many addictions.

And who says I cant  hang out with my girls when i want too?"

"I don't know."

he said unsurely.

"Well, I'm here whenever you need to talk.

You can tell me anything. You know that right?"

"I could."
she thought

But that would be me telling you how much i truly

L0ve you.


chicks before dicks :)

Girls are like 
Muffins & Cupcakes

The muffin- like girls : wear little to no make-up
they're absolutely beautiful inside &out
they're funny, sweet, anything & everything
you could want in a person
but because they're simple
they don't get as much attention

Then, there's the Cupcake-like girls:
they pile on make-up
are beautiful on the outside
but sometimes are ugly from the inside
they get the attention
that the muffins lack
only because they "stand out"
and sometimes times, they're
everything that you would hate in a person

 Sometimes, the boys make a stupid mistake
of choosing the cupcake over the muffin
only because it "catches the eye"

But every so often there's that one boy that chooses the
muffin instead of the cupcake
because they see what the cupcakes don't have

and you know they choose right



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 Woaa; i think
 i love you.. :)


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Today, I tried to flip a pancake in a pan. It stuck to the ceiling. Just like in the cartoons. MLIA.