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Hey there Beautiful(:  Welcome to Mrs. Bieber's Witty!<3 I love Demi Lovato, Justin BIeber,and Miley Cryus.And KRIS LETANG OH MY BABY JESUS I LOVE THAT MAN! Well I love sports. I play Volleyball and Softball. Fastpitch is my life<3 Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Pirates<3 Fuck society. Skinny, fat, short, tall, smart, dumb. Your beautiful and i love you. I blow out the candles on July 22nd.Okay so if you need anything, please comment on my profile<3 I'm here for you.
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Quotes by wampler9238

This journal made us take quizzes to see if we know our true selves. I guess I figured out a little more about myself. My name is Samantha Wampler and I’m 13 years old. I go to Harrison Middle School. There were many different quizzes in this booklet we had to take from being confident to being athletic. This project started in August the very first month we were back in school. We took a few quizzes every month to find out our real selves. Here are my results from the tests.
To my surprise, I am an extrovert. I scored 40 out of 50 on the quiz to find out if we were an extrovert or introvert. According to the quiz I enjoy being around people and participating in activities. I agree with the quiz because I always am willing to go out with my friends and have a good time. I also like to speak my mind a lot. I love to be included in activities and I am outgoing. I always have loved to go out to parties and social things with friends rather than sit home by myself. I would have thought of myself as an extrovert also.
I scored 8 out of 11 on my quiz to test my confidence. I know what it is like to be confident but also to be not confident. I find certain people and situations make more confident than others do. I think I am more confident than not. I think this because when it comes to sports that I know I am good at I think I become more confident. In certain classes when presenting I am more confident depending on the class and people in it. While in sports I feel really confident and confident enough to do anything. At home my confidence drops down a lot. When I am confident I sometimes turn very annoying therefore I don’t like being annoying in front of my parents.
I scored 7 out of 7 on my daydreaming quiz. I am a heavy daydreamer. I can daydream even while being occupied. I usually daydream when I don’t like what I’m doing so I dream of a place where I’m happier. When I day dreaming I can also be figuring things out. I believe I day dream a lot more during school than anywhere else. Day Dreaming helps me figure out a lot that is going on in my life. It also entertains me when I am bored. Daydreaming has gotten be in trouble a few times before.
According to the quiz I am timid in different situations. I know what it is like to be timid but I also know what it is like to be not timid. I put myself in awkward situations at times and I’m not sure how to get myself out of them. I can also be the life of the party sometimes. I think I am more not timid than I am actually being timid. I’ve had my fair share of shy moments but also crazy moments as well. Overall, I think I am sometimes a timid person.
I am sociable. I like people and they like me. I like to have fun but I have to be careful and remember about me too. Sometimes when I get too sociable I tend to get obnoxious. But I try to get alone time for myself to. Being around people 24/7 often can make a person stressed out and its always good to get some free time.
I have had experiences of being a leader and a follower. I realize that some situations tend to be more aggressive than others. At other times, I am not comfortable not being in the foreground. In some cases I might be a leader but in other I might be a follower. When I’m around older people I am usually a follower but with my age people I am normally the follower. When I am follower I become bossy. I feel like I am in control of everything and become very selfish. I am most likely more of a leader than a follower.
Apparently to the quiz I do not take good care of myself. I feel that I do take good care of myself and this quiz does not show how I handle myself. I am not going to agree with words and a piece of paper on how I take care of myself. I know that I am a healthy person. I am going to continue dressing and maintaining me just like how I do now with no help from a quiz.
I am someone with strong ideas of my own and I’m not going to be swayed by prevailing trends. I also have to watch out that I am not doing things just to be different. I think I am my own person and I do not try to be like someone else.
I think I am very musical. Music moves me and inspires me. It evokes all sorts of feelings inside of me. Music helps me through a lot of hard times. I listen to all sorts of different types of music. Music helps me figure out things I should do in my life. It also helps me think a lot better. I am glad that I am the musical type.
I feel like I have the talent to be a visual artist but I am not oblivious to my surroundings. Sometimes to appreciate the way things look I have to remind myself to really look at them. I think photography is something I would be really interested in doing.
I am a verbal person. I am comfortable with language and enjoy its use in everyday life. I talk with my hands very often I always have to remind myself to stop. Foreign languages are very hard for me to understand. It’s hard for me to memorize different languages other than my own. I am comfortable talking, reading and writing to other people.
I am not a mechanical person. I think machines are very confusing and hard. I am just more talented in something else. I am awful at putting things together even if they come with an instructions sheet. I have never completed putting anything together. I always end up quitting right then and there.
I am a very athletic person. I play sports all the time all year round. Sports keep me out of trouble. They also help me clear my mind. When I am angry I take my anger out at sports. In my free time I always try to get better at the sports that I do play. In my opinion sports are the most fun things to do. I’ve been playing sports for a long time ever since I was very little I could never give up on sports. I plan on playing sports for the rest of my life.
I am in a bad way with my parents. My parents and I fight very often. We always end up making up in the end but our fights get very heated. I guess my parents are always just as upset as I get to. I fight a lot with my younger sibling also. I fight more with my mother than I do with my father.
me: *takes out homework*
me: now i deserve 2 hours on the internet for getting this far.

 When i get mad at my mom i don't slam the door or yell "I HATE YOU MOM" I just quietly go into my room and flicker the light switch on and off. That's right, raise that womans electricity bill. 

 When i get mad at my mom i don't slam the door or yell "I HATE YOU MOM" I just quietly go into my room and flicker the light switch on and off. That's right, raise that womans electricity bill. 

Santa saw your Facebook pictures
 You're getting clothes for Christmas. 

When my mom insults me in an argument i just say 'It must be genetic' then run out of the room as fast as i can


Demi is a brunette and has bangs

Selena is back on Disney.

Miley is back in the recording studio

 Justin is single
 Ladie's and Gents we're back in 2009 


When i look into your eyes 
It's like watching the night sky ♥


She hugged her pillow tight

  Every Night

And Cried herself to sleep               

Me: *walks into bathroom with laptop*
Mom: ...
Me: ...
Mom: ...