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Quotes by warrior

Statement: We used to be bestfriends.

Key words: used to

Explanation: Now you're a s.lut. and a backstabber.

sorry, not sorry.
It's a funny feeling... that love stuff,
but you've got me hooked.
Acne, I got it, I hate it.
One does not simply, 

make half a box of Mac & Cheese...
my quote.
He's MY boyfriend.
I don't care if you talked to him longer.
I don't care if you liked him first.
I don't want you talking to him.
I don't want you liking his status.
I don't even want you looking at him.
You need to stop.
This jealousy of mine is starting to get a little out of control.

I hate it when people call me "sexy"
I absolutely HATE this time of the month.. anyone need blood donated?
I wasn't looking for you when we met, but you turned out to be everything I was looking for